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November 16th, 2009

At the CTN EXPO this Sunday at 1:00PM, I'll be hosting a panel entitled ZEROES & ONES. It's a look back at CGI's beginnings as seen by those pioneers who developed it. Sort of a What-Did-You-Do-In-The-Digital-Revolution, Daddy?

My guests- PHILIPPE BERGERON who created early character anim TONY DEPELTRIE at the
Univ of Montreal in 1986, LANCE WILLIAMS who was at NY Tech in the 70s and wrote THE WORKS, as well as at ILM, Disney and Dreamworks; TAD GIELOW of Disney's GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE Big Ben clockworks; and RANDY CARTWRIGHT a traditionally trained animator who got interested in computers in the early 80s during TRON and the WILD THINGS ARE Disney test.
Other CGI trailblazers promise to drop in to join the discussion.

Watch us spin yarns of Days of Yore, When Men were Men, Women were Women and Rasters were Jaggy!
I'm also premiering a retrospective of the films of Animation Educators for the Animation Educators Forum. It's entitled Those Who Teach-Do!
Featuring the works of John Canemaker of NYU, Christine Panushka of USC, Vibeke Sorensen of Nayang Univ of Singapore and many more. It will run concurrently all during the Expo.