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Here are two images from the Drawing the Line Booksigning Party on Friday.

Tony & Barbara DeRosa and me.

Here's a switch. Animation author Charles Solomon getting a book signed from me instead of me getting one of his.

Thanks also for other friends showing up like Sylvia Pompeii, Sandro Corsaro (The FLash Animator),John Van Vliet, Bert Klein, Bill and Sue Kroyer, Shelley Page from London, Tom Shannon, Ed Ghertner, John Dillon, Todd Jacobsen, Rick Farmiloe and many many more! We packed the house and I sold off every book I brought.
Big thanks to Tina Price and the Creative Talent Network! Check out more at

History for 10/15/2006
Birthdays: Quintus Virgilius -Virgil- 70 BC, Oscar Wilde, Fredrich Nietszche, Mikail Lermontov, John L. Sullivan, Burt Gillette, John Kenneth Galbraith, Robert Trout, Klaus Barbie the Butcher of Lyon, P.G. Wodehouse, Chuck Berry, Penny Marshall, Mario Puzo, Linda Lavin, Tanya Roberts, Sarah Ferguson-Fergie' the former Duchess of York is 47, Chef Emeril LeGasse

1764- While wandering through the ruins of ancient Rome, British writer Edward Gibbon is inspired to write "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire". After 20 years labor and thousands of pages he finished. When he gave the first copy bound in gold to mad King George III, the king said to him: " What's this? Another big damned black book, eh, Mr. Gibbon? Scribble, scribble!"

1905- First Little Nemo comic strip by Winsor McCay premiered.

1905- Premiere of Claude Debussy’s tone poem La Mer- the Sea.

1917- MATA HARI- 41 year old beautiful erotic dancer and German spy H21, was shot by firing squad. Her real name was Gertrude Zelle from Holland, she made up a new identity as an Indian princess with the name Mata Hari- The Light of Day in Malay. She would use her sexual charms to seduce top enemy officers and pass information on to German High Command. But she was finally caught, tried and shot at the Chateau Vincennes outside Paris. She refused to wear a blindfold and blew a kiss at the French firing squad. She still elicited enough sympathy that out of a 12 soldier squad only four bullets were found in her body.

1930- Duke Ellington first recorded Mood Indigo.

1940- Charlie Chaplin’s film The Great Dictator premiered.

1942- The Nazi-dominated Vichy Government of France declared a ban on the importation of all American and British movies.

1951- THE FIRST I LOVE LUCY SHOW- The most successful family sitcom in history began its pilot episode this night. CBS and Phillip Morris had wanted Lucille Ball to transfer her popular radio show-“My Favorite Husband” to television. The story of the family life of Ricky Ricardo, a Cuban immigrant nightclub band leader, his daffy wife Lucy and their landlord friends Fred and Ethel Murtz became an overnight sensation. The show was shot on film instead of live TV and it was produced in Los Angeles instead of New York City because Lucy and Dezi Arnez refused to relocate back east. The show also pioneered the three camera shooting system still used to day and when Lucille Ball was pregnant the show proved re-runs could be just as popular as first time showings. The January 1953 episode of little Ricky’s birth drew more viewers than the inauguration of President Eisenhower.

1976-What’s Love got to do with it?- Ike and Tina Turner break up.

1989- Wayne Gretsky surpassed Gordie Howe’s all time record of scored points in hockey-1,850. The Great One went on to set a new record of 2,837 points before his retirement.

2003- On the anniversary of the Long March Wang Lee Wei became the first Chinese astronaut to go into space.