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November 4, 2006
November 4th, 2006


Which artist never worked in animation?

a- Jack Kirby
b- Milt Gross
C- Frank Frazetta
D- Salvador Dali'
e- Jules Feiffer
f- Charles Addams

answer below-

Birthdays: Will Rogers, Walter Cronkite is 90, Art Carney, Loretta Swit, Martin Balsam, Gig Young, Darla Hood, Robert Mapplethorpe, Ralph Maccio,Andrea McArdle, Matthew McConnaghey,P-Diddy is 37 Laura Bush is 60

1913- William Mulholland's great aqueduct starts bringing water 200 miles from Northern California to L.A. by the force of gravity alone. Without the extra water L.A. would never have grown any larger than 140,000 L.A. Times estimate.

1927- HOWARD CARTER OPENED THE TOMB OF KING TUT-ANKH-AMON ( King Tut ). Other royal tombs had been opened before but they had always been cleaned out centuries ago by grave robbers. King Tut’s was the first unspoiled Pharoah’s tomb to be discovered in modern times. The site was discovered under a house built for workers excavating the tomb of King Ramses IV. There was King Tut's Curse guarding the door, and a few folks like Lord Carnaervon did go to an early grave: allegedly from scratching a zit and getting blood poisoning, legend has it the same zit was found on King Tut’s mummy. But Howard Carter, the man who broke the seal, rifled the tomb and did everything but stick his fingers in Tut’s ears, lived to a merry old age and even pocketed a few artifacts he didn't feel like sharing with the Cairo Museum. They were recently returned by an embarrassed family descendant.

1939- Packard introduced the first air-conditioned automobile.

1952- UNIVAC, the first electronic business computer, accurately predicted Dwight Eisenhower would win in a landslide. The first computer projected results for an election. Eisenhower was such a low key figure in politics that pundits referred to the White House as "The Tomb of the Well-Known Soldier'.

1955- In Arizona Willie Bioff, former IATSE union official, who tried to hijack the Hollywood unions (Including the Disney cartoonists) for Frank Nitti's gang, turns the key in his Ford pickup and explodes. He had turned informer and was in the Wittness Protection plan. He had changed his name to Bill Nelson and was a friend of Republican Senator Barry Goldwater.

1963- The Beatles are part of the Queens Royal Command performance in London. John Lennon tells the audience: “ Will the people in the cheap seats clap their hands?, and if the rest of you would just rattle your jewelry..”

1968- the first issue of Screw Magazine. Former reporter Jim Buckley and former industrial spy for the Bendix Corporation Al Goldstein named their magazine Screw after trying Hump, Love and being told they couldn't name it F**k.

1993- The Topanga-Malibu fires., Huge brush fires burn expensive homes in Malibu. The fires reached from the Santa Monica Mountains down to the ocean. Eyewitnesses said the 200 foot flames were reflected in the sky and water turning everything orange and the landscape looked more like Mars than Malibu.

QUESTION Which artist never worked in animation?

ANSWER- They ALL worked in animation.

a- Jack Kirby- Max Fleischers 1935-37
b- Milt Gross- MGM 1937
C- Frank Frazetta-Bakshi's Fire & Ice
D- Salvador Dali'-Disneys Destino 1953
e- Jules Feiffer- Terrytoons- 1957-58
f- Charles Addams- Max Fleischers 1936-37