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January 14th , 2007 sunday
January 14th, 2007

Went to the final judging for the short films animation Oscar yesterday. While we don't know who the nominees are yet, congrads for the great work the ten finalists put in- Joanna Quinn, Bill Plympton, Don Herzfeldt and the redoubtable teams at Pixar and Blue Sky. Roger Allers with a crew of Disney 2D folks and more, artists from Denmark, Belgium and Hungary.

Guide Dog,with the gracious permission of the big Ol' PLymptoon man hisself.

I recall my first time going to these screenings. Sitting in the audience as judges were such august animators as Marc Davis, Friz Freleng, Bill & Fini Littlejohn, Leo Salkin, Herb Klynn, Saul Bass, Bill Hertz, Duane Crowther and more. Now all but memory, but their spirit lives on.

Birthdays: Benedict Arnold, Faye Dunaway, Hal Roach, Raymond Outcault the cartoonist of the Yellow Kid and Buster Brown, Cecil Beaton, John Dos Passos, Lawrence Kasdan , Andy Rooney, Julian Bond, Steven Soderbergh is 44, LL Cool J, T. Bone Burnet, Emily Watson, Sterling Holloway the voice of Winnie the Pooh “oh bother…”

350 a.d.- The feast day of Saint Hilary of Poitiers- Saint Hilary may have been the father of church music. In exile in Phyrgia he noticed pagans sang hymns to their deities, so he composed the first Christian musical hymns. The Haleleiuyah Chorus, Ave Maria and “Drop Kick Me Jesus Through the Goalposts of Heaven” would follow in due time.

1952-The NBC "Today" show debuts with Dave Garroway, Jim Fleming and J. Fred Muggs the chimp.

1954- actress Marilyn Monroe married baseball great Joe DiMaggio.

1957- Humphrey Bogart died of esophageal cancer at age 57. When he was buried at Forrest Lawn Lauren Bacall put in with his ashes a solid gold whistle inscribed with the famous line from "To Have and To Have Not"- 'If you ever need me, just whistle.' The group of friends around Bogie and Bacall were nicknamed ‘The Rat Pack” . After Bogart’s death Frank Sinatra became the focus and his circle made the Rat Pack famous.

1964- Hanna & Barbera's ' The Magilla Gorilla' cartoon show. Won't you, buy him; take him out and try him,Go-rilla for sale...."

1967- Hippies in San Francisco hold the first “Be-In” in Golden Gate Park.

1972- Norman Lear’s hit comedy series Sanford & Son premiered. Starring Red Fox, it was based on the English show Steptoe & Son.

1990- Matt Groenings the Simpsons, which had been run as a series of blackout vignettes on the Tracey Ullman Show, now debuted as its own regular prime time series. Cowabunga!