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Old Animators Saying:

"Beware of Clients Who Order Champagne and Pay for Beer."
first quoted to me by storyboard guru Barry Caldwell

Birthdays: Benjamin Franklin, Max Sennett, Al Capone, Ethan G. Hodell 1883- the inventor of the Tow-Truck, acting teacher Constantin Stanislavsky studied by Animators Art Babbitt and Bill Tytla, Moira Shearer, puppeteer Shari Lewis, James Earl Jones is 76, Vidal Sassoon, Kevin Reynolds, Muhammad Ali is 66, Jim Carrey is 45

1949- The first VOLKSWAGEN BEETLES arrive in North America. In 1936 Adolf Hitler asked Dr. Ferdinand Porsche to take some time off from building Panzer Tanks to develop a simple easy-to-maintain family vehicle for the average person- a People’s Car-Volk’s Wagon. After the war the cheap Volkswagen beetle became a favorite for Beatniks and the Hippies after them. It’s success as a design is marked by the fact as soon as Volkswagen discontinued the model in the 1980’s their share of the American market slumped behind Toyota and Honda, but reintroducing the Beetle in 1998 immediately placed Volkswagen back in the race for the top import.

1949- The Goldbergs, a radio comedy show about a Jewish family in the Bronx, moved to television and became the first true sitcom. The show ended when Phil Loeb, or Papa Goldberg, was accused by the House UnAmerican Activities Committee of being a Communist.

1961- Frank Sinatra’s Ratpack had campaigned hard for their friend John F. Kennedy for president. Black entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. had worked particularly hard to help Kennedy win the African American vote. But Sammy had a preference for blond white actresses and had married one, May Britt in 1960. To fend off negative publicity this day JFK had his secretary Mrs. Lincoln telephone Sammy Davis and un-invite him to the President’s Inaugural Ball. We’re Liberal, but not that liberal. And uhh..thanks for the help. Dean Martin was so angry at this insult to his friend that he cancelled his appearance at the inaugural. In 1968 Sammy Davis angered the black community when he embraced republican Richard Nixon.

1961- President Dwight Eisenhower’s farewell speech to the nation. He warned against the growing influence of the “Military Industrial Complex”.

1964- The first Porsche Carrera sportscar arrived in L.A..

1994-The Great Northridge Earthquake rocked Los Angeles. 61 deaths and 20 billion dollars in damage. It was officially listed as 6.8 on the Richter Scale, although many rumors persist that in some areas it was as high as 7.2 . Over 7.0 Federal tax and other major benefits come into play that the feds didn’t want to admit in an area as tax-lucrative as Southern Cal. The epicenter was in the San Fernando Valley's so the valleys two major industries, animated cartoons and pornography, are temporarily disrupted.

2000-A Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton was offered for sale on E-Bay.