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January 22, 2007 Monday
January 22nd, 2007

St. Vincent's Day- "If Vincent's Day be Rainy Weather, shall rain then 30 days together.”

Birthdays: Sir Francis Bacon, D.W. Griffith, Charles Gordon Lord Byron, August Strindberg, Andre Marie Ampere (electric Amps), UN Secretary General U- Thant, Ann Southern, Sam Cooke, John Hurt, George McManus, Joseph Waumbaugh, J.J. Johnson, Jim Jarmusch, Linda Blair, Piper Laurie, Diane Lane

1918- A Manitoba judge tries to outlaw movie comedies, because they tend to make the public "too frivolous".

1938-On a bare stage, Thorton Wilder’s play 'Our Town' premiered.

1947- Hollywood's first commercial television station, KTLA, went on the air for regular broadcasting. At the time, in all of LA, there were only 350 TV sets.

1949-Tex Avery’s MGM cartoon "Bad Luck Blackie".

1959- Former 'Our Gang' child star Charles 'Alfalfa" Switzer was killed in a bar in Studio City. He pulled a knife on a man over a $50 debt on a hunting dog. The man then shot him. He was 32. According to fellow Little Rascal Darla Hood, Switzer was a brute who bullied the other children and bitter his adult career never blossomed.

1968-T.V. comedy review show Rowan & Martin’s 'Laugh-In' premiered. It launched the careers of Lily Tomlin, Goldie Hawn and Eileen Brennan. You bet your sweet Bippy!

1972- In an interview with Melody Maker magazine, rocker David Bowie outed himself and said he was gay. Technically, he would be bi-sexual, since his wife Angela did catch him in bed with Bianca Jagger.

1973- President Richard Nixon celebrated his second inaugural with his own concert which Leonard Bernstein conducted 'Concert for Peace' at the Washington Cathedral. While Nixon’s orchestra played his favorite classical piece, Tschaikowsky’s 'Overture 1812' with real cannons, Bernstein played Haydn’s Mass in a Time of War to 15,000 people against the War in Vietnam.

1975- Hollywood agents Ron Meyer and Michael Ovitz leave William Morris and form the Creative Artists Agency, or CAA.