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Who Built Thebes of the Seven Gates? On it are enscribed only the names of kings. When the Great Wall was completed, where did the workers go? So many questions... Bertholdt Brecht

Leon Schlesinger's Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies Studios in May on image to enlarge.

Leon Schlesinger's studio building today. click on image to enlarge.

I have been gratified by the reaction to Drawing the Line. While other writers choose to ruminate about the genius of Walt Disney, I wanted to celebrate us, the artists who really do it, and usually don't get any credit. The rank & file animators who fill the desks, go from project to project, worry about job security, failing eyesight and health insurance for their kids; all while making the film magic that millions worldwide adore. Drawing the Line is our story, and I am proud to have been able to tell it. It restores to us a section of our Hollywood history long ignored. I hope you enjoy it, and I promise more books like it in the future- between projects, of course.

Animated Short- Joanna Quinns' Dreams and Desires, Chris Wedges' Ice Age Skrat, Don Herzfeldt's Everything Will Be Okay.
Birthdays: Musio Clementi, Django Reinhardt, Edouard Manet, Sergei Eisenstein,Ernie Kovacs, Stendahl,Jean Moreau, Randolph Scott, Dan Duryea,Rutger Hauer, Warner Bros animator Manny Davis, Disney animation director Dave Hand

1862-Here’s a toast to that Great American- Count Agoston Haraszthy. Who? Next time you raise a glass of Napa Valley Chardonnay think of him. This day the Hungarian immigrant count bought land in the Sonoma Valley and imported cuttings from 1,000 varieties of European wine grapes. He starts the first California vineyards.

1930- Ivory Snow soap invented 'pure as the driven snow'. In 1969 the model on the Ivory Snow box, Marilyn Chambers, became a notorious porno star. The baby she held in the photo was actress Brooke Shields.

1942- Tupperware invented by Charles Tupper.

1989- Artist Salvador Dali’ died. Rushing to leave as much money as possible for his family his agents had him autograph reams of blank paper they intended to print Dali’ lithographs on later.