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Hey! The February 2007 Issue of Animation Magazine ( the one with Happily Never After on the cover), has a special pullout supplement called SCHOOL GUIDE 2007. On Page a8 is a list of the magazine's suggestions of what should be essential reading for all animation students and die hard fans. And guess who made the list?

Drawing The Line, thats who!

They write: Here's a fascinating book that helps you understand the history of how animation workers struggled to get fair treatment from their bosses.

Other books on the list include Frank & Ollie's Illusions of Life: Disney Animation; Richard Williams' Animators Survival Kit, Tezuka School of Animation, Animation Writing by Jean Ann Wright, The Aardman Book of Filmmaking, Jerry Beck's Animated Movie Guide, Neil Gabler's Walt Disney bio, Tony White's Animation from Pencils to Pixels, and Amid Amidi's Cartoon Modern

I heartily agree. Thanks so much to editor-in-chief Ramin and Jodie and all the Animation Magazine gang.