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February 2, 2007 friday
February 2nd, 2007

This Tuesday Feb 6th is the LA Premiere of Flock of Dodos at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood! I will be on stage afterwards with the filmmaker Randy Olsen and the Amazing Muffy Moose, the mom of the filmmaker, who steals the movie. Tickets still available!

Birthdays: Tallyrand, Charlie Halas a co-founder of the NFL, James Joyce, Ayn Rand, Fritz Kreisler, Jascha Heifitz, Abba Eban, Farrah Fawcett, Garth Brooks, Christie Brinkley, Tommy Smothers, Stan Getz, James Dickey, Liz Smith, Elaine Stritch, Brent Spiner, Shakira

Happy Groundhog Day. This morning if Paxatawney Phil sees his shadow it means 6 more weeks of winter.

In ancient Rome it was the day for the lesser Eleusinian Mysteries. Part of the ceremony was you were given a bowl of wine with certain herbs in it. After drinking it you saw the gods. In 1946 Dr Albert Hoffman experimenting to find the nature of these herbs isolated LSD.

1910- D.W. Griffith's' In Old California', sometimes called the first Hollywood film.

1922- the novel "Ulysses" is published. James Joyce had finished the book months earlier but delayed publishing until his birthday, when it would be 2/2/22, which he considered lucky.

1922-Twenty one year old Walt Disney founds Newman's Laff-O-Grams in Kansas City.

1957- Elizabeth Taylor married producer Mike Todd. Todd was killed in a plane crash a year later. Taylor has said Todd was the only one of her many husbands she ever truly loved.

1961- In a little Greenwich Village nightclub called the Blue Angel a young stand up comic got his first debut. His name was Woody Allen

1963- In England singer Helen Schapiro was on tour. On the lower end of her program card was a new band called the Beatles.

1966- Woody Allen married Lousie Lasser.

1979- Lead singer for the punk band Sid Vicious found dead of a drug overdose. The 21 year old was awaiting trial for the stabbing death of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen.
1985- O.J. Simpson married Nicole Brown Simpson.

2006-The Cartoon Riots. A Danish newspaper printed a political cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed with his turban shaped like a bomb. This so offended the Moslem world that rioting broke out in Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and European capitols. Grenades were thrown at Danish embassies and Danish nationals made to flee.