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Congrads out to my old USC student Shi-Ting, whose animation is in the newest Nora Jones video!

Also a big congrads to my UCLA grad and webmeister Josh Morgan, who is in Luxembourg doing TD work on the feature length version of the award winning short 9.

My wife Pat is working at Dreamworks on the Jerry Seinfeld Bee-Movie. While there she ran into another one of my old students now doing lighting there. David Lawson. He was part of my original Guinea-Pig class eleven years ago.

Glad to hear they are all doing so well!
I feel like Richard Dreyfus in Mr Holland's Opus- blubber, blubber...sniffle sniffle!

Birthdays: Sir Robert Peel founder of London’s police force- the Bobbies, Female outlaw Belle Starr, John Carradine, William Burroughs, Arthur Ochs Schulzburger, Hank Aaron is 74 ,Red Buttons, Tim Holt, Jennifer Jason Leigh is 46, Barbera Hershey, Charlotte Rampling, Michael Mann, Bobby Brown, H. R. Giger, Christopher Guest, Laura Linney is 43

2BC -The Roman Emperor Octavian Caesar was given by the Senate the title Father of His Country- Pater-Patria or the Augustus.

1919- Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith form the United Artists Studio.

1921- The Loews State Theater in Chicago opened.

1922- The Reader’s Digest began publication.

1936-THE BATTLE OF JARAMA - Spanish General Franco’s Fascist army was thrown back from the gates of Madrid by the Republic’s newly arrived foreign volunteers, called the International Brigades. The idealistic young Europeans and Americans (the Abraham Lincoln Brigade) were thrown into the battle with no training as they had just arrived. They suffered 50% casualties but won the day.(to put it in perspective, if an army lost 20% of it’s men that is considered a terrible calamity.)The Yanks sang a tune to Popeye the Sailor Man:
"In a green little vale called Jarama, We made all the fascists cry "Mama!; we fight for our pay, just six cents a day, and play football with a bomb-a "

1936- Charlie Chaplin’s film Modern Times premiered. Chaplin was inspired to lampoon modern technological madness when he was invited to view the auto assembly production lines in Detroit and saw men acting like machines.

1952-New York City is the first to adopt the three light traffic lights-red, yellow, green.

1953- Walt Disney’s "Peter Pan" opened.

1956- Darryl Zanuck resigned from 20th Century Fox, the studio he built into a powerhouse. He later won back the chairmanship in 1962 only to be ousted finally in 1970.

1957- Mel Lazarus’ comic strip Miss Peach debuted.

1970- TWA began 747 nonstop service between New York and Los Angeles.

1974- Hearst Media heiress Patty Hearst kidnapped at gunpoint by an underground radical group called the Symbianese Liberation Army. She is kept in a closet, brainwashed, changes her name to Tania, does prison time for a bank job, and later appears in several John Water’s movies.