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February 13, 2007
February 13th, 2007

Dear Gang,

My blog postings might be a bit spotty for the next few days. I am on the road, currently in Cambridge Mass, starting a new TV series, and waiting for a snowstorm to hit. My computer is acting a bit potty so please bear with me until I get home.

Tom S

Birthdays: Lord Randolph Churchill, George Segal is 73, Stockard Channing is 63, Mena Suvari is 28

1913- ASCAP founded.

1976- Disney animator John Lounsberry passed away. There was a rumor among the younger animators that his ghost haunted one of the old moviolas- editing machines, in their wing. It would turn it self on for no apparent reason. Andreas Deja joked:" I'm not afraid! If it's Lounsberry's spirit, then I want him to crit my scenes!"