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February 26, 2007 mon Oscars
February 26th, 2007

my limo's eye view of the lineup to the red carpet. click on image.
Well Boys & Girls, the Oscars were last night and the animation gang was all out in force. I shared a limo with Bill & Sue Kroyer and animator Terry Lennon and our families.

Sito, Sito's Dad and Terry Lennon

The Third Tier Balcony is becoming the Animation Ghetto- I looked around and spotted animators Rick Farmiloe, Jim Beihold and Zara Dowlabandi, Dave Burgess, Bob Kurtz, Anthony LaMolinaro and the lovely Annie Guenther. Behind me, whooping it up for their dads, were the son of John Lassiter and the daughter of Roger Allers. Downstairs I ran into Barry Weiss from Imageworks, Jeff Kleiser and my old Shrek buddy, storyboarder and art director Dave Lowery.

Congrats to Happy Feet and The Danish Poet. I like that the NFB has a policy that when a short wins the filmmaker-director and not just the Producer goes up to get the award. This was not the case in many past years, like when Borge Ring won for Anna & Bella and some suit from the Dutch Film Board was up on stage instead of him.

There are many great stories and incidents from past Oscars, When Nick Park won for Wrong Trousers and he drove to the ceremony in a Wallace & Gromet motorcycle, only to be stopped by the LAPD for riding without a helmet. And Polish artist Zbignew Rybcynski, who won for Tango in 1982(?). He later stepped out for a smoke and was not let back in. Shouting the only English he knew"I have Oscar!" he tusseled with security guards who roughly sent him to jail and his statuette landed in the bushes. Or so goes the story.

I took my 85 year old dad, and he had a great time. Hope to run into you too someday on the Red Carpet!

entrance to the Red Carpet. After this they take your cameras away.

Birthday: Old and Good King King Wenceslas of Bohemia-1361, Victor Hugo, Buffalo Bill Cody, Emma Destin, Levi Strauss the bluejeans maker, Jackie Gleason, Fats Domino, Betty Hutton, Johnny Cash, William Frawley (Fred Murtz), Robert Alda (Alan's dad), Great animation director Fred” Tex” Avery, Tony Randall, Ehryke Bahdu

747 B.C. In Sumer it is the beginning of the Age of Nabronassar.

500’s BC to 391 AD, Ancient Greek festival of ANTHESTERION- the festival of death and exorcism. The ancient Greeks believed ghosts weren’t as scary as they were annoying. If you didn’t bury the dead properly with spices and a coin in the mouth for the Chaeron the Boatman of the River Styx, they became ghosts. They would haunt you by moping around, turning up at inappropriate moments, predicting your death, bleeding on your lunch, etc. So this festival was a sort of “visiting hours” for the other world. You left your door open and cooked a meal for the spirits so they could spend a day visiting their old haunts (forgive the pun).This way they would not bug you the rest of the year. This festival was also considered a festival of flowers to usher in Spring. Most Greeks tried to spend all three days of the festival roaring drunk.

1965- First day of shooting on the Beatle's second film 'Help!".

1983- Michael Jackson’s album Thriller went to #1 in the pop charts and stayed for weeks.

1990- Cornell Gunther, lead singer for the DooWop group the Coasters, was shot dead at a Las Vegas traffic intersection."Yakkety-Yak, Don't Talk Back!"

1991- At a meeting in Switzerland Tim Berners-Lee introduced the first Web Browser.