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Here are just a few more images from John Underwood's great book on Grand Central Airport 1923-1959.
Just click on an image to enlarge it.

Looking down Flower St towards Sonora Blvd in 1929. If you know the area you know we are overlooking the Walt Disney Imagineering Main Building where the theme parks are conceived and built. The little house is the Kitter Farm, where the family cooked meals for wayward aviators who dropped in. In the 1960s a bowling alley was there, but Disney bought it in 1988 and converted it into part of the WDI complex.

The Grand Central Airport in 1940 and the terminal today.

Last I heard the terminal was owned by Disney but I don't know of any plans to restore it. Down the block on the corner of Grandview and Airway is a large aluminum shed. This was once the hangar and tool shed for Howard Hughes Hughes Aircraft.
Other cinema inhabitants of the area included Toon Disney, the ARL Research Library, now moved, Stan Winston's Creature shop and John Van Vliet's efx house Available Light.

Birthdays: Czar Peter the Great, Benny Goodman, Mel Blanc, Stepin Fetchit, Keir Dullea, Boris Pasternak, Irving Thalberg, Milt Neil, Howard Hawks, Gale Sayers, Michael J. Pollard, Wynonna

1431- At Place de Vieux-Marche’, in English controlled Rouen, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. She was 19. The Maid of Orleans was made a saint in 1920. Her last request was for a priest to hold up high a Crucifix so she could pray aloud above the flames. When one English knight watched the maid call out to Christ as she died, he exclaimed in grief: "Brothers, we are lost because I think we have just killed a Saint! ".

1821 - James Boyd patents Rubber Fire Hose.

1848 William Young patents the ice cream freezer.

1930- The Lockheed Terminal rededicated as Burbank Airport.

1935 - Babe Ruth's final game, he goes hitless for Braves against Phillies

1955- The New York chapter of the Catholic League of Decency pressured Loews Theater on Broadway to take down a giant 30-foot billboard of Marilyn Monroe trying to push her skirt down.
Me? indecent? Jiminy!

1972- Director choreographer Bob Fosse filmed a live performance of Liza Minelli’s one-woman show Liza with a Z. It was telecast in Sept. and became a sensation.

1994 - Death of Baron Marcel Bich, Italian-born French engineer and industrialist who created an empire through his disposable BIC pens, lighters and razors.