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It's about time.
July 31st, 2007

The Internet Movie Data Base among other periodicals are trumpeting the success of the SIMPSON'S MOVIE (
$74 million domestic, $168 million for the first three days). Their conclusions are that " audiences have demonstrated that they will go see a 2d traditionally painted cartoon as readily as a 3D CGI film if it's a good story..."

Well, whattaya know...

Congratulations and Felicterations to David Silverman, Matt Groening and all the crew who made that movie special. Now that the Hollywood Players have got the message, hopefully we'll see more such films. It's not that I desire 2D to totally overthrow CG, but it would be nice to see some balance. And an animator should never be told he has no future just because he or she prefers a pencil to a stylus. Let filmmakers have a real choice of mediums, rather than just a endlessly droning chorus the mantra- 3D Good, 2D Bad... Only 3D films make money....
In 2003, when the New York Times reported the mass layoffs at Disney , Warners and Dreamworks, the quote was " Traditional Animation is a thing of the Past.." Now, it seems, there is a new reality.

Perhaps we have turned a corner in Toon Town.