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Dear Gang,

Allow me to re-introduce my trivia page, which had gone dormant when I left the Gang of Seven settup last May to direct a short in Taiwan. I am flattered and grateful to all who enjoyed reading them. I began doing a e-mail almanac of historical aprocrypha in 1992 on my little Mac II at Walt Disney. This was at the suggestion of Stacy Slossy, Disney chief Peter Schneider's secretary. Since then the e-mails grew to hundreds and went around the world. I knew they were being fowarded to The Rand Corp, the Pentagon, ILM, Microsoft, Paris, London, ALexandria Egypt, Beijing, Ankara, Scotland, San Bernadino, San Francisco and NYU. For years people have told me I should have my own website.

Well, here it is.

So lets ring up the curtain! Oh, for a Muse of Fire! Kings for Players and Nations for a Stage! What fools we mortals be! ( apologizes to the Bard...)

History for 7/2/2006
Birthdays: Composer Christoph Witobald Gluck, Herman Hesse, Justice Thurgood Marshall, Andrez Kertesz- photographer and brother of Hollywood director Michael Curtiz, Richard Petty-stock car racer and PIXAR voice in Cars, Abe Levitow- Disney Striker in 1941, helped create UPA and directed the first TV Special Magoo Christmas Carol in 1961, Jose Canseco- juiced up ballplayer, Jerry Hall, Brock Peters, Larry David, Lindsay Lohan is 20

1927- The film Flesh and the Devil established a new star named Greta Garbo.

1934- Twentieth Century Fox signed a movie contract with child star Shirley Temple.

1992- THE GREAT FLYING LAWNCHAIR- San Pedro resident Larry Walters flew 16,000 feet in the air in his lawnchair. He strapped 45 helium weather balloons to his chair and took along a sixpack of beer, a sandwich and a pellet gun. After his two hour flight he got entangled in some power lines. He was later fined by the FAA for violating LAX commercial airport airspace.

1998- In Paris Mexican World Cup soccer fan Rodrigo Rafael Ortega was arrested for drunkenly urinating on the eternal flame in honor of Frances Great War dead. The eternal flame had burned continuously since 1921, even the Nazis left it alone. Ortega was the first to ever put it out. Once again international soccer proves its abilities to bring peoples together.