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More Wisdom from Old Animators:

courtesy of Brendoman

Richard Williams was fond of telling us" Life is on Ones.."

Birthdays: Goethe, Tolstoy, Donald O'Connor, Charles Boyer" Come wis me to zee Cazbah! - I'm sorry, Pepe Le Pew didn't say it first, Boyer said it in the film Pepe Le Moko. Bruno Bettleheim, Ben Gazzara, Marvel master cartoonist Jack "King" Kirby, Jason Preistley, Daniel Stern, Shania Twain, Jack Black is 33, animation historian Charles Solomon

errupted burying the Roman city. The Emperor Titus rushed a fleet commanded
by the natural scientist Pliny to rescue as many as he could. Pliny was overcome
by the sulphurous fumes and died. His son, Pliny the Younger, eyewitnesses it all
and wrote a moving account of the tragedy in his 'letters'. Scientists
have been digging at the site of Pompeii since it's rediscovery in 1726, but
estimates are there's as many as 30,000 skeletons still buried.

476AD-The Last Roman Emperor of the West, the boy Romulus Augustulus, is deposed.
It was done by his counselor and actual power behind the throne, a barbarian named Odoacer. Odoacer sent the Imperial diadem and insignia to the Zeno the Emperor of the East in Constantinople and declared himself King of the Germans in Italy. He was later split in two by Theodric the Visigoth at a peace summit.

1296- The Ragman Roll- Scottish nobles were forced to pledge allegiance
to King Edward Ist of England. Edward Longshanks dropped his pretense of protection
of the Scottish crown and instead moved for direct annexation to England. The only
resistance came from peasant born leader William Wallace. The ceremony went on for
so long such it coined a term for long inane formalities- Rigamarole.

1837 - Pharmacists John Leah & William Perrins invent Worcestershire Sauce.

1859-In Titusville Pennsylvania the first U.S.oil well strikes oil. Before the industrial
revolution crude oil or coal tar was considered a smelly nuisance. It was called
Indian-Oil because Indians wore it as black warpaint, it was great for tarring and
feathering rapscallions. Some entrepreneurs even tried to bottle it as health tonic.
By this era it was refined into kerosene which was seen as a cheap plentiful substitute
for whale-oil lamps.

1922- The first broadcast commercial. It was for a real estate firm Queensboro
Realty. It ran on the radio for ten minutes and cost 100 dollars. The firm selling suburban homes
in Queens NY immediately did $100,000 worth of business. The Business world took
note of the new method of advertising.

1934-Upton Sinclair the writer is nominated for Governor of California on the Democratic
ticket by over half a million votes. This shocked the California power-elite because
Sinclair was a radical whose grass roots organization EPIC (End Poverty in California)
advocated socialist solutions to the Depression. Even FDR kept his distance from
Powerful forces enlisted Louis B. Mayer, Irving Thalberg and other Hollywood conservatives
to ensure Sinclair's defeat by creating the first modern media negative campaign.
This included phony newsreels of actors dressed as hobos saying how they're
going to California to sponge off the taxpayers. Walt Disney's lawyer, Gunther
Lessing, demanded Ward Kimball take the "Sinclair for Governor" sign off
his car window. Governor Frank Merriam who earlier that year had ordered troops to shoot
striking San Francisco longshoremen won re-election.

1963- Dr. Martin Luther King gave his "I Have a Dream" speech in front
of the Lincoln Memorial at the climax of the first ' Poor People's March
'on Washington. Organizer A. Phillip Randolph conceived a poor peoples march
taking weeks not unlike the Bonus Marchers of 1929. The sympathetic John F. Kennedy
administration prevailed upon them to keep it to one day to reduce the chance of
violence and maximize media exposure. They had planned for 100,000 but they got
400,000. Movie stars like Sidney Poitier, Marlon Brando, even Charlton Heston attended.
Young CBS reporter Roger Mudd was so excited he threw up behind the Jefferson Memorial

1968- THE CHICAGO DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION- While thousands of anti-war hippie and
yippie protestors battled the Chicago Police in Grant Park the Democrats nominated
Hubert Horatio Humphrey, the "Happy Warrior" their candidate to replace
the assassinated Bobby Kennedy. Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, the Yippie and SDS
(Students for a Democratic Society) leaders tried to get a live 100 pound pig into
the convention and get it nominated for President. Newsman Dan Rather was gut-punched by
a Chicago cop on camera on the convention floor. Disney animation historian John Culhane was
clubbed down by police despite wearing all his press credentials and a baby blue
army helmet with Newsweek painted on it. While the police
and demonstrators battled poet Alan Ginsburg and Timothy Leary grabbed a loudspeaker
and chanted the Buddist "Ohhhmmmmm" to calm people down. The student leaders
-the Chicago 7 in reality 8, were put on trial for incitement to riot but after
a year long media circus all the charges were overturned. Republican Richard Nixon
won the election.
"Ouch! Hey, don't hit me! I'm Mr. Snoops!Ouch!courtesy

1990- Computer pioneer Sandy Lerner was fired from the company she founded- Cisco