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Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media has written a good piece on the ramifications of this years current glut of 3D animated features.

Mark Mayerson has published a nice autobiographical letter he got from Warners director Friz Freleng when he was but a wee sprout back in 1976.
July 27th entry, I believe. I admire the way Friz Freleng always made the time to answer students and help young artists.

I recall when I first arrived in Hollywood in 1977 I made the rounds of all the animation plants, with minimal results. When I trekked out on the bus to DePatie Freleng in the San Fernando Valley near Van Nuys Airport, instead of a nondescript HR person asking me to drop off my portfolio until next week, the receptionist said:" Mr. Freleng can see you now." I was shocked. Mr. Freleng? Himself?

Friz took me into his office and sat me down. Unlike the sunbaked streets outside, his office was dark paneled and refreshingly cool, with awards and photos covering the walls. It was like a career- biosphere. Seated next to me, he proceeded to go through my samples, pointing out what I needed to improve and how to do it. When we concluded we both stood up. Being short in stature, he didn't lookup at me but would stare straight into my shirtbutton while telling me he wasn't hiring at the moment. I looked down on his bald orange freckled head.

In the end I didn't get hired, but I was deeply impressed that he took so much time with one skinny, zitty kid. I hope I've been able to Pay-it-Forward with other young people since.