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Here is a unique perspective on the history of American animation, written by an artist and director who’s also played a key role in his industry’s labor movement. Sito admits that he had no knowledge of, or interest in, unions when he started out in animation, but the more he learned about the cavalier treatment of his fellow artists, the more he became a believer. He wound up serving as president of his union.

Sito has been gathering information for this volume for years, and the result is a lively and informative history that breaks new ground in its portraits of cartoon producers, from Leon Schlesinger to George Pal, and studios, from the golden age to the present day. The stories he tells are alternately heartbreaking and hilarious, infused with the irreverence that’s always characterized this field. His accounts of the two most famous strikes in animation history—against Max Fleischer and Walt Disney—are especially rich in detail and anecdotes.

Anyone with more than a passing interest in the world of animation should consider this book a must-read.
-- Leonard Maltin