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The fight for fair employment practices within animation history is a story that needed to be told. For far too long, the sacrifices of artists and animation production personnel was overshadowed by the personal stories of studio founders who resisted outside influences within their beloved cartoon factories.

Tom Sito should be commended for faithfully reconstructing the backstory behind the most famous animation studios in the world: Disney's, Fleischer, MGM, Terrytoons, UPA, et al.

Not only does the author's passion shine through for preserving this neglected corner of animation history, he remains focused on the future of the medium; regardless of the technological advances to come.

Remarkably, the author does not succumb to slamming labor vs. management (or vice versa). Somehow the emotion-filled histories are presented in a manner that respects both perspectives that were responsible for bringing animation to a world-wide audience over the past century.

Unfortunately, the sacrifices of depression-era / WWII animators are slipping from memory; leaving today's pragmatic artists unprepared to fight the overpowering influences of the entertainment giants that control the industry today.

Future animation historians will be grateful for this essential work: the first of its kind. A "must-have" for any Walt Disney library or animation archive.
-- Dave Mason