Animation Educators Forum This is the home of a new group that brings together all who teach animation in North America.
Richard Wolff UK Richard is a photographer who worked in the animation industry in the 1990s. He posts some great portraits of animation luminaries like Jules Engel , Geoff Dunbarr and Ted Hall.
ASIFA San Francisco The Bay Area chapter of the International Animators Society
Creative Talent Network Tina Price and her Disney animator friends have created a wonderful co-op for display and networking.
The Internet Movie Database. An indispensible resource for film credits. Animation pros are always checking each other out on IMDB. It's the Show-biz equivalent of dogs sniffing each others genitals.
Animation World Network The premiere on-line animation trade-zine. Animation legends like Gene Deitch have written for them often. And they even get losers like me to contribute!
Animation Scoop Author and historian Jerry Beck blog on trends and traditions in Toontown.
Hollywood Animation Guild Local 839 IATSE The largest professional benevolent organization for animation workers in the world. I led the Guild for three terms and these massed legions of toonsters awarded me the title President-Emeritus. Be sure and check out Steve and Kevin's Blog.
ASIFA Hollywood The Non-profit animation society started by UNESCO charter in 1961. ASIFA has chapters all over the world. Tom was a member of ASIFA *East and is currently vice president of the Hollywood Branch.

Cartoons / Comics
Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco Wonderful gallery and collection by the bay. Imaginative shows like rejected and censored cartoons, framed with it's accompanying hate mail.
What Now? Cartoons Hawaii based storyboard artist Keith Tucker creates progressive cartoons that are featured on Air America's Randi Rhodes Show website
Wireheads My pal Jim Hillin is one of the top CG guys in Hollywood. This is his personal view on everyday workaday madness.
National Cartoonists Society The original cartoonists society started by Rube Goldberg, Milt Caniff and others in 1946. Their big annual event is the NCS Reuben Awards.
San Diego Comicon The largest International Comic art and Fantasy Convention in the Western Hemisphere. Started in 1972. Many big Hollywood movies of the sci-fi-fantasy genre are given their first sneak screenings at the Comicon.

Tom's Friends
Beachwood Reporter Animation editor Julia Gray reflects on life, liberty and contemporary mores in the wilds of Chicago
FLIP Director Steve O. Moore site about animators, written by animators.
Mark Kausler Animator, historian, archivist and painter. Mark is a Hollywood Animation institution. No one can write seriously about cartoons without his input.
Steve Silver Steve is a gifted cartoonist-designer who's drawings are inspiring. He added the zing to Kim Possible, and we had fun collaborating on Click & Clack.
Nancy Beiman Animator, teacher and author. One of the great ladies of the business, with a great blog.
Animation Who and Where Local historian Joe Campana has a great nose for finding rare images of animators form Hollywoods Golden Age. A great resource.
Patrick Mate' Patrick is an Indominable Gaul who is a character animator and illustrator who did the cover of Drawing the Line. His site has links to a Grande Armee' of great European cartoonists
Hans Bacher If Michaelangelo had his nose broken by another artist for being too good, then Hans is asking for a knuckle sandwich.
Mark Mayerson Mark Mayerson-NY animator and teacher who settled in Toronto. He created a website tribute to his mentor, animator Al Eugster, with lots of cool images.
Oscar Grillo Argentine-born Oscar Grillo has been one of the lions of the London animation scene. His unique style is matched by his unique, uncompromising wit.
Ronnie Del Carmen Eisner winning cartoonist and storyboard meister for PIXAR, Ronnies blog is a great source of inspirational animation art.
The BlackWing Diaries DreamWorks Storyboard artist Jenny Lerew has created a wonderful blogsite dedicated to the best in classic animation drawing. She turns up stuff even a geek like me has never seen!
Michael Sporn Animation Mike Sporn has been making animation in the Big Apple since 1980. A protege of John Hubley and Richard Williams, his award winning films include Between Two Towers and my favorite Dr. DeSoto
Floyd Norman and Leo Sullivan Two pioneering Black Animators who create some wonderful gag books about the animation industry

Car Talk From Cambridge Mass, the home base of Click and Clack, the Tappett Brothers.
Samuel Pepys Diary a Day Samuel Pepys was the original blogger. His daily diaries covered a tumultuous period in English history including the Great Plague and Great Fire of London. Its not animation related but dammit, it's my website and i think it's cool!
Roman Empire If the Nap Society is the Napoleon geek-site, UNRV is the geeksite for Roman Empire information. Hardcore scholars answer your questions about anachronisms in Gladiator and Vin Deisel's Hannibal. My name in these chat rooms is PLautus.
The Napoleonic Society of America The official society for scholars on the Napoleonic period. John Pomeroy first turned me on to them. Imagine 150 old professors standing in a banquet hall toasting Vive l'Empereur! Newsletter with interesting facts.
Flock of Dodos Intelligent design documentary by Randy Olsen. Tom animated a flash sequence about why rabbits eat their own poo.
Hollywood Heritage Hollywood landmark preservation Society. Hollywood Heritage fought to save the Brown Derby, the Hollywood Bowl, and last year saved the original offices of the Screen Cartoonists Guild from developers.
Joshua J. Morgan Webmaster / Designer. Josh just got back from Luxembourg where he was working on the film Nine.