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Life a Funny thing...
September 25th, 2006

While I was joking about the Billy Beer, the suds made and endorsed by President Jimmy Carters brother in the late 1970s, it reminded me of my great lost opportunity. I was living with a friend in Reseda across the street from old Filmation Studio and I went to buy a sixpack of Billybeer when it first came out. I knew it would be valuable some day. Other Presidents had brothers, Nixon, LBJ, Kennedy, but none had done a stunt like coming out with his own beer. A sixpack at Vons cost me $1.75. Nearby a sixpack of A&W rootbeer cost $1.87.
Sadly though, before I could store this treasure in a hermetically sealed vault, I had to leave the apartment and move back to NY to freelance for Hanna & Barbera. The sixpack was just too bulky to fit in my luggage so into the dumpster it went.

Years later I saw in an antique magazine that $1.75 sixpack of BillyBeer going for $1,500. and climbing. DOH!

I'm not making that mistake again.