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Oscar Grillo
July 9th, 2006

I've been impressed by the number of excellent animation artists who are using the blog as a direct conduit to the public. Free at last to come out from behind the Oxberry Camera, they are exhibiting some wonderful examples of their work. One of my favorite blogs is an old friend from London named Oscar Grillo.

Oscar Grillo was originally from Argentina but has lived in London for the past thirty years. He and his partner Ted Rockley came out of Dragon Studios and formed the animation powerhouse Klacto (orignally Klactovistane) where they did some of more daring and innovative animated spots on European TV, as well as award winning shorts like Seaside Woman, based on the song by Paul & Linda MacCartney.

Oscar is one of the great designers in our medium. He has several blogs where he invites us to share in his unique world view and view his inspirations.

Often he will post his wonderful personal drawings, professional work and influences. They can be as diverse as a visual essay on the frame composition of Fritz Lang to an article in the London Times where a a man from Lincolnshire asked "Why don't my fish fart?"

Outrageous, opinionated and iconoclastic, but nevertheless never boring. Bravo Oscar!