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January 11, 2007 Thurs
January 11th, 2007

QUIZ: What do the Pillsbury Doughboy and the Terminator have in common?

Started teaching my classes at UCLA and USC this week. I read in USC Cinema Arts bulletin that director and alumni Robert Zemeckis ( Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Forest Gump) is going to teach a workshop at USC on his performance capture technique. The same rotoscope-mo-cap stuff that was used for Polar Express, Monster House and now Beowulf. Yesterday the Hollywood Reporter said James Cameron announced he wants to do a heavy mo-cap movie called Avatar. George Millar Mad Max has scored a hit for Warner Bros with Happy Feet.

Since all these great live action guys want to be animators, why don't someone give me a Terminator movie to direct?

Birthdays: Roman Emp Theodosius 1st, Alexander Hamilton, Gliere, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Mr. Selfridge the London department store guy, Rod Taylor, David Wolper, Lyle Lovett, Naomi Judd, Stanley Tucci, Amanda Peet is 32

Roman festival Carmentalia, or the Feast of the Nine Muses

1874- Gail Borden, the inventor of condensed milk, died and was buried beneath a tombstone made to look like one of his milk cans.

1892- French impressionist painter Paul Gaughin, aged 46, married a 13 year old Tahitian girl named Tehura.

1908- President Teddy Roosevelt declared the entire Grand Canyon a National Monument. “The Ages have been at work at it and Man can only mar it.”

1958- the TV show Seahunt permiered. It made a star out of Lloyd Bridges.

1964- U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry gave the first warnings against smoking. Which government agency was the first to declare smoking caused lung cancer? The Nazi Government in 1939.

1965- Whiskey-A-Go-Go, the first Disco opened on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Discotecque is French for record library.

1995- Warner Bros purchased a dozen metromedia television stations around the US and this day started them off as the WB Network.

2000- America On Line announced its takeover of the worlds largest media conglomerate Time Warner Inc who had earlier merged with Ted Turner. The Walt Disney Company, who had just purchased ABC/Cap Cities, ESPN and Jim Henson, complained to the US Government that Time Warner was creating a monopoly. Uh- huh. After three years of plunging stock prices Time Warner regained control of itself and reduced AOL to a subsidiary.
QUIZ:What do the Pillsbury Doughboy and the Terminator have in common? Answer: Animator Peter Kleinow (1934-2007), he gave life to the pudgy biscuit seller and the metal armature of the Terminator in the first movie. He also worked for Art Klokey on the Davey and Goliath show. Jerry Beck's site Cartoon Brew has more.