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February 16, 2007 friday
February 16th, 2007

I had a great visit with the students of NYU and SVA in cold and snowy New York City.
After many weeks, my DRAWING THE LINE book tour is finally winding down. No Pulitzers or movie deals in my mailbox yet, but the sales have been good and the overall response to it has been very gratifying. I'd like to thank all the wonderful people I met and had a chance to talk to in New York, LA, San Diego and San Francisco.

-Thank you to ASIFA/Hollywood, ASIFA San Francisco and ASIFA*East. Zeum, The Cartoon Museum, The Southern Cal Cartoonists Society, The Creative Talent Network, the Animation Guild Local 839, the NCS and Hollywood Heritage.

- Thank you too, to all the schools that have welcomed me-USC, UCLA, Cal Arts, Cal State Northridge, Loyola Marymount, Cal St Fullerton, Cal Poly-Pomona, Glendale College, The Acme On Line Program, The Bishops School in LaJolla, The Art Institute of San Francisco, The Laguna College of Design as well as the aforementioned NYU Tisch School of the Arts and SVA.

Thanks to all the teachers and students who made it possible.

I'll probably have more signings at the Comicon and SIGGRAPH this summer. If anyone else needs a lecturer to waste an evening hawking books, I'm still available. I just need to be watered and fed on occasion.
Birthdays: The Great Elector Frederick William of Brandenburg,Charles Taze Russell founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Edgar Bergen, Sonny Bono, John MacEnroe, animation voice actor Frank Welker who did Porky and Jabberjaws, John Schlesinger, anim director Faith Hubley, Katherine Cornell, Levar Burton is 50, Ice-T is 49

Today is the feast of St. Juliana, who was tortured by both her father AND her boyfriend
I know a lot of you girls out there can relate to that. She also liked to wrestle winged devils in her spare time.

1923- Bessie Smith made her first recording-"Downhearted Blues".

1978- The first computer bulletin board goes on live. Ward Christensen and Randy Seuss's Computerized Bulletin Board System was an S-100 motherboard and CP/M, and a Hayes 300 baud modem. It still runs to this day, but the Internet has taken the place that BBS's used to have

1985-"Family Dog" episode on Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories show. The first direction by Brad Bird.

1994- Apple announced the introduction of the digital camera, the first camera that needed no film but could load images directly into a computer.