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March 22, 2007 thurs
March 22nd, 2007

Birthdays: Sir Anthony Van Dyck, Marcel Marceau, Stephen Sondheim, Karl
Malden, Werner Klemperer- Colonel Klink in Hogans Heroes, George Benson,
James Gavin, Allen Neuharth the founder of USA-Today, Milt Kahl, Fanny
Ardant, Lena Olin, William Shatner

In ancient Rome this day was the Festival of the Entry of the Tree- when the
priestesses of Cybele Goddess of the Harvest would lead a procession through
the streets carrying pine or palm branches. In later times, the Christians
took this custom and made it Palm Sunday.

1894- First Stanley Cup Game- Montreal 3, Ottawa 1.

1913- Jack London (White Fang, The Call of the Wild) wrote fellow writers H.
G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw and Winston Churchill and asked them how much
they get paid. He was unsure what to charge for his stories.

1947- President Truman signed an Executive Order # 9835 ordering background
checks of all government employees and to take an Oath of Loyalty to the
United States. Two million took the oath, only 129 were sacked for refusing.

1958- Hollywood producer Mike Todd was killed in a small plane crash. He
produced hit movies like Around the World in 80 Days and romanced starlets
like Gypsy Rose Lee and Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor and Todd had been married
for one year and she was devastated by the accident. Years and many
marriages later, Taylor said Mike Todd was the only man she actually loved.

1960- Arthur Shawlow and Charles Townes patent the laser beam. Light
Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation or LASER.

1970- The Beatles break up. Paul McCartney filed papers in a London court
for a formal dissolving of the Fab Fours partnership.

1972- The National Commission on Drug Abuse recommends ending all penalties
and laws prohibiting marijuana. No one listens to them.

1972- Congress passed the ERA, the Equal Rights Amendment, forbidding any
discrimination by sex. Women's rights groups first proposed the ERA in 1923.
With the heady atmosphere of Womens Liberation in the early 70s the
amendment seemed a no-brainer, however, the Conservative backlash led by
anti-feminists like Phyllis Schlafly slowly stunted its ability to win over
states for ratification. The ERA died unratified in 1982.

1991- Ivana Trump divorces Donald Trump. A celebrated court case ensued to
see how the huge Trump fortune would be divided. Newspapers cry Ivanna More

1995- First day of shooting on that utterly classic film Dinosaur Valley