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One of the secrets of animation artists is our attitude towards the rich and powerful in our community. Because animation is an art that requires a lot of capitol and heavy technological investment, animation people frequently work shoulder to shoulder with the Hollywood rich, then go back to our more modest surroundings.

Observing the powerful, you see many types. You can understand when you recognize real brilliance, or at least strong street smarts. Other times you are at a loss ot understand why these people are where they are. All you know is they are going to make a lot of more money then you, while you are going to have to work a lot harder than them. You also feel pity for your fellow workers who become so dazzled by their influence with the powerful, only to one day be reminded that they are just employees after all.

Oliver Cromwell's favorite biblical passage was "Put not your faith in the word of Princes..." No matter how much the powerful admire your talents, we are still just employees, admired like thoroughbred horses are admired. We are considered all of one tribe, one race of crazy, emotional artists. Better off being replaced by some mo-cap marvel or software package.

The respect of your fellow artists is worth more than any temporary advantage on a project. Todays hit show will be tomorrow's memory. Todays hot project will one day be just another DVD box or download. In the end, your fellow artists are the only ones you can really trust.

you tell me to re-do that scene one more time...

Birthdays: Maimonides- Moses Ben Maimon, Anna Sewell (the disabled author of Black Beauty), Eric Clapton, Vincent Van Gogh, Francisco Goya, John Astin, Peter Marshall, Warren Beatty is 69,Disney animator Marc Davis, Arthur Lee Harrington the designer of the Jeep, Tracey Chapman, Robby Coltrane, Paul Reiser, Celine Dion

1853- The pencil eraser patented.

1918- Thomas Edison sold his studio and gets out of the movie business. He had earlier fired W.K.L. Dickson inventor of the movie studio set, Edwin Porter the inventor of the narrative film and closeup, and J. Stuart Blackton the inventor of cartoon animation for annoying him too much about filmmaking. Edison was more interested in finding a way to extract iron ore from rocks using magnets.

1968- In New York’s Bowery district two children find the body of a homeless drug addict. The John Doe is later identified as Bobby Driscoll, 31, Walt Disney child star and the voice of Peter Pan.

1981- PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN SHOT. After only few weeks in office President Ronald Reagan is shot by lunatic John Hinckley. Hinckley was trying to impress actress Jodie Foster. Reagan recovers. Jodie Foster was unimpressed. Oh well, at least Hinckley was a Republican. In a bit of bizarre theater during the confusion Presidential Security advisor General Alexander Haig went to the media and announced he was in control: “ I am minding the store.” This is in direct conflict with the US Constitution which states plainly the line of succession goes from the President to the Vice President the Speaker of the House to the Senate Leader Pro-Tem. Fortunately, no one took Haig seriously.

2000- Dreamworks animated feature the Road to El Dorado premiered.