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March 3, 2007 tuesday.
April 3rd, 2007

the web's famous Tron Man
There was a fun hoax in Hollweird for April Fools. A story flew around the web that the 1982 digital classic TRON had recently been classified by the Department of Homeland Security as revealing too much info about the Livermore Labs it was filmed in. That the government ordered all prints of the film rounded up and classified. Could it be true? After all, hadn't the goverment once put Rocky and Bullwinkle on an Enemies List, and an FBI agent accused the language of POGO to be secret Russian code?
But it turned out it was an April Fools gag. It gave everyone, including director Steve Lissberger, a good laugh.
Happy Passover!
Birthdays: King Henry IV of England (1361), Washington Irving, William Marcy " Boss" Tweed, Sally Rand the Fan Dancer, Ma Rainey, Iron Eyes Cody, Wayne Newton, Doris Day, Robert Sherwood, Virgil Grissom, Marsha Mason, Amanda Byrnes, David Hyde Pierce, Melissa Etheridge, Marlon Brando Alec Baldwin is 49, Eddie Murphy is 45

In Ancient Greece the beginning of April was the Aphrodisia- the Festival of Aphrodite. Greeks would offer sacrifices to the Goddess of Love and some would visit the holy prostitutes in the great temple in Corinth. Gimme that Ole Time Religion…..

1367-The Battle of Navarette- during a lull in the Hundred Year War, Edward the Black Prince of England goes to Spain to help King of Aragon Pedro the Cruel press his claims against Navarre. He defeats a Franco-Navarrese force of knights and captures the great French knight Bertrand DeGuesclin (De-Gue-Klan). But when Edward refused to turn over his prisoners to Pedro so he could behead them ( why else have a nickname like Cruel ?), even refusing to hand over DeGuesclin for his weight in pure silver, Pedro refused to pay the Englishmen's wages and Edward went home broke and annoyed.
Another freelancer gets screwed....

1897-composer Johannes Brahms died.

1920- Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald got married.

1968- Stanley Kubrick's epic film "2001: A Space Odyssey" premiered. The N.Y. Times review said it was : " Somewhere between hypnotic and boring". Pauline Kael called it "monumentally unimaginative!" In a recent interview screenwriter Arthur C. Clarke said HAL the computer was not a coded reference to IBM . At the Oscars for that year Clarke and Kubrick lost the best screenplay award to Mel Brooks for the Producers.