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April 17, 2007 tuesday
April 17th, 2007

Myeh-heh,heh! Happy Birthday to me, Capitalist Pig-Dogs!
Remember Alan Sherman's ode " Some People Like to do the Twist, Oh Boy; Khruschev that Bald-Communist, Hoh-Booiey!"

Birthdays: artist Tobias Stummer-1539, Nikita Khruschev, Thorton Wilder, Clarence Darrow, Arthur Schnabel, Olivia Hussey is 56, Gregor Piatigorsky, Don Kirschner, William Holden, Harry Reasoner, Boomer Eiseason, Jennifer Garner is 35

1792- British Captain Vancouver explores Puget Sound. He founds a settlement and names it for then Prime Minister Granville. In 1886 Granville (sometimes called Gastown after Gassy-Jack the saloon keeper) was renamed Vancouver.

1770- At a dinner party in Versailles Madame Necker the wife of France’s first minister, suggested a subscription be held for the great artist Pigalle to make a statue of old philosopher Francois Voltaire. Rousseau and King Frederick the Great of Prussia donated money. The bust of the smiling old cynic became one of the more well known images of the XVIII Century.

1869- The first professional baseball game ever played sees the Cincinnati Reds defeat the rival Cincinnati Amateurs, 24-15

1875- The billiard game Snooker was invented by Sir Joseph Chamberlain, the uncle of the future British Prime Minister.

1929- Baseball great Babe Ruth married Ziegfeld Follies dancer Marge Colson in a morning ceremony. Then he drove to Yankee Stadium and hit a home run.

1937 "Porky's Duck Hunt" The birth of Daffy Duck. One legendary story is that newly hired voice actor Mel Blanc in part designed Daffys distinctive lisp to be an impression of the Looney Tunes boss Leon Schlensinger. When they screened this cartoon all the artists stood in dread of how Leon would take the joke. Leon never made the connection that the Ducks voice was an imitation of him:"Gee Fellers, dat Duck iz pretty Ffffunny!"

1964-The Ford Mustang introduced by Lee Iacocca.

1971- The song "Joy to the World"by Three Dog Night tops the pop charts and becomes the most popular song of the year. Writer Hoyt Axton later explained its puzzling lyrics. He was contracted to write several songs for Three Dog Nights latest album, but the day they were due he was still one song short. He had the melody for "Joy to the World" but hadn’t time to compose any lyrics. His accompanist told him to go to the mike and fake it, lay down a rough track and promise to write it later. So Axton went to the mike and rambled stream of consciousness: "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog, Was a Good Friend of Mine, Couldn’t understand a single thing he said but I helped him drink his wine etc, etc, ."When Three Dog Night heard the tracks they loved the lyrics and told Axton not to change a thing.

1987- Comedian Dick Shawn –the Hippy-Hitler in the original Mel Brooks film the Producers- was doing his one-man show The Second Funniest Man in the World at UC San Diego. After one particularly funny punch line he fell over dead from a heart attack. The audience roared for several more minutes at him lying there face down because they thought it was part of the act.