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This week I received word that the short film I directed in Taipei last year, ADVENTURES IN THE NATIONAL PALACE MUSEUM, will be screened at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL as part of the official submission from Taiwan. The film was comissioned by the NPM Museum to highlight their collection to coincide with a major rennovation of their museum facility. My congratulations to all my friends and co-workers at the Digimax Studio. They did very beautiful work and it was a joy to work there. Congrats to Helen, Jeff, Chris, Scotty, Dragon, Lucky, Lulu, Coke, Likewind and especially Teddy for all their hard work! Best of luck at the festival. The Dao Yen (that me) will see you at Siggraph in San Diego this summer!

Teddy Yang at the premiere

Digimax CEO Helen at the PM premiere