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For Animation Interns:

Now that the school term is over, a number of students are currently looking around Toontown to be hired as interns. Some are former students of mine, some are not. But all are very excited about the prospect of learning about film production from working professionals. Those of you who live in Southern Cal, the Bay Area or New York have that envious advantage of having a number of top animation studios to work for.

As one who has advised, reccomended and hired many interns, here are some words of advice.

- Not all studios insist on a portfolio or demo reel, but all will be judging you on your demeanor and eagerness to work.

- Some internships are paid, some are for work/study credits. inquire which is which before you start.

- Be flexible about your hours. Most employers will work around your schedules. Studios understand you have obligations outside of work, but no one wants to hear about how you have to see your aunt in Pacoima tuesday, have soccer practice on weds and how you promised to go shopping with your girlfriends in Newport on thursday. No one takes that from staff artists, they won't take it from you either.

- Be courteous, and willing to learn, but not arrogant and haughty, in other words, no attitude please.

- Animation Guild rules are that interns cannot create art for production. So if you are asked by your employer to make art for use in the production for free, be aware that you are being taken advantage of. There are plenty of other jobs in the production office and plenty of other things to do.

- A studio should not ask you to use your own car to run errands without compensating you for gas. No studio has the right to ask you to pay for supplies with your own money and be compensated later.

-Part of the fun of interning is to mix with the professionals. Don't be shy and hide in the Xerox room. Go up to them and ask them about what they are doing. There are a few a-holes, but most animation pros are pretty cool about talking to you. Many would like to teach or mentor but don't have the time. They would be delighted to look at your work and give you advice. Take advantage of this unique opportunity.

- Some of the best advice I ever got was from retired H&B producer and layout artist Cosmo Anzilotti. He told me_" No matter what kind of crap you're working on, do the best job you can, because you never know who's watching you." Your attitude about how you approach your task means a lot to us who hire you. We take note when we give you a mundane job and you roll your eyes like a sulky kid asked by his momma to take out the garbage. Or if you complete a job and instead of finding something else to do you slouch in a chair reading a comic or surfing the web. We've got deadlines and schedules we worry about, so we don't have time to be a teen daycare center.
We look for the folks who are self motivated, who solve problems without being driven to. Who approach each task, no matter how dull, with enthusiasm and drive. They are more likely to be remembered by the pros than a sulky kid.

-Making a good first impression is the beginning of your professional discipline. People will remember you in the future. It's sowing the first seeds of a successful professional career.

- I wish I knew about internships whan I was starting out. What a great way to seqway that gap inbetween your academic and professional life!

Best of Luck in your internships and have a Great Summer!

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