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May 24, 2007 thurs
May 24th, 2007

Birthdays: Jean Paul Marat, Queen Victoria, Emmanuel Leutze, Bob Dylan, Walt Whitman, Gary Burghoff, Priscilla Presley, Patti LaBelle, Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong, Frank Oz, Kristin Scott Thomas

1590- In Rome, construction of the great Dome of Saint Peters Basilica completed.

1830 –The poem "Mary Had A Little Lamb," was written.

1866 - Berkeley, California founded, named for George Berkeley, Bishop of Cloyne.

1899 - 1st auto repair shop and car garage opens: The Back Bay Cycle and Motor Company of Boston. Where's CLick and Clack?

1929- The Marx Brothers first movie comedy” The Coconuts” premiered.

1950- Married movie star Ingrid Bergman shocked American morality by having an open love affair with neorealist film director Roberto Rosselini. This day they were finally married but the outcry of conservatives about this “Apostle of Degradation” was such that her image needed a makeover, so she played Saint Joan.

1954 - IBM announces vacuum tube "electronic" brain that could perform 10 million operations an hour.

1958 - UP & International News Service merge into United Press International

1989- In Los Angeles, a spectacular fire destroyed the Art-Deco-Moderne all-wood landmark, the Pan Pacific Auditorium.

1991- Tri-Star Pictures 75 million-dollar mega-flop "Hudson Hawk" opened. Star Bruce Willis, whose fee was $17 million, blamed the film’s costs on union filmworkers’ rates being too high. He would return to his car after a day’s shooting to find it covered with animal excrement. The film coming after another flop Bonfire of the Vanities, almost sank his career. Willis next two films, "Death Becomes Her" and 'Pulp Fiction", he did for scale. In 2000 he made a $100,000 dollar donation to the SAG/AFTRA strike fund.