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August 19, 2007 sun
August 19th, 2007


1.What do Rob Minkoff, Kevin Lima, Dan Bessie, Tim Burton, Frank Tashlin, David Swift, Jerry Reese, Doug Lefler, Simon Wells and John Bruno have in common?

2.Who was the earliest animation director to move into live action?

3.Who said "Doh" before Homer Simpson?

B-Days: Orville Wright, Ring Lardner, Ogden Nash, Alfred Lunt, George Inesco, jockey Willie Shoemaker, Malcom Forbes, Tipper Gore, Gene Roddenberry, Silent film star Colleen Moore, Jill St. John, Ginger Baker drummer of Cream and Grand Funk Railroad, Dawn Steel, John Stamos, Peter Gallagher, Matthew Perry is 37, former President Bill Clinton is 60

1599- Spanish Conquistadors capture and burn Acoma pueblo in New Mexico east of modern Alberquergue. The Indian village on the sheer tabletop mountain reminded the Spaniards of attacking castles back home. After their victory they enslaved the population and burned the chief at the stake as a heretic. As the chief was roasting the monk Diego Las Casas started to feel guilty, so he urged the chief at his last moments to accept baptism. The chief called out through the flames:" No thank you, because then I would go to the Christian Heaven and meet even MORE of you people!"

1692- Salem Mass, The pilgrims executed four women as witches. One was an elderly senile woman who just looked scarey like a witch and another was a Caribbean servant named Tituba who liked to tell children ghost stories.

1848- The New York Herald published a story that President Polk confirmed that gold had indeed been discovered in California.

1886- Joseph Conrad got his British citizenship. The author of Nostromo, Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim was born in Poland as Jozef Konrad Korzenieowski, but he went into exile when his patriot father was arrested by the Czars police and sent to Siberia.

1909- The Brickyard is born. The first Indianapolis 500 autorace.

1929 the Amos and Andy show, voiced by two white actors, premiered on de radio.

1955 - WINS radio, announces it will not play "copy" white cover versions of black R&B . DJs must play Fats Domino's "Ain't It A Shame," not Pat Boone's. In 1957 Little Richards “Tuttie-Fruitie” never got higher than 17th in the Billboard Charts while Pat Boones version, by his own admission awful, went to number one.

1960- The Russians launched a Sputnik capsule into space with two dogs- Belka and Strelka, 2 rats and 40 mice. They recovered this orbiting zoo the next day. The first sending of life into space and returning them safely.

1973 - Kris Kristofferson weds Rita Coolidge.

1977- Groucho Marx , the last surviving Marx Brother, died at age 86. In his final years Groucho had rewrote his will in favor of his personal secretary Erin Fleming. After his death a furious legal battle opened between Fleming and the Marx children.

1.- All are live action directors who began as animators.

2.- Gregory LaCava began as an animation director for the Hearst Studio INS in 1916-1918. He moved into live action and directed many famous films like My Man Godfrey(1936) and Stage Door(1938).

3.- James Finlayson. The bald little baggy pants comic in the mold of Chester Conklin or Snub Pollard played with Laurel & Hardy and the Little Rascals in a number of Hal Roach comedies in the 1930s.
Laurel & Hardy would push him over into a fountain or whatnot and he would wiggle his mustache at the camera and expound:" DOOOhhh- OH!"
Special Thanks to Mark Mayerson.