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Me back in my days as animation union president.

In response to my blog of a few days ago exhorting my fellow animation folks to attend a Guild nomination meeting, I got a few e-mails accusing me of being a lying hippocrite, a fascist martinet and troublemaker who runs amok in a non-union sweatshop ( all of my people including me are working union.) The wonderful thing about being a public figure with an opinion to give, is that no matter what you say, out of three thousand members, someone will always think you are completely evil, and like, full of canal water.

Oh well. All I can say is, at least it's only one letter in 200. If it was one in ten I'd be worried.

So comrades, come rally
And the last fight let's face
The Internationale unites the human race!

Birthdays: Michel Caravaggio, Al Kapp the cartoonist creator of Lil Abner,Kickapoo Joy Juice, Fearless Fosdick and the Schmoo; William Paley chairman of CBS, Bridgette Bardot is 72, Marcello Mastroianni, Moon Unit Zappa, Ed Sullivan, Sylvia Kristel, John Sayles, Arnold Stang, J.T. Walsh, Janeane Garofalo is 43, Mia Sorvino is 40, Hillary Duff, Naomi Watts is 39

48 B.C.- Pompey the Great, fleeing Julius Caesar after he was defeated by him in battle in Greece, was assassinated by the Egyptians when he lands on their shore. The actually hired a Roman freelancer so he could get close to him. The Egyptians thought it would please Caesar to present him with his enemies head. When one of Pompey's supporters was approaching the coast by ship and saw Pompey's funeral pyre he knew their cause was lost. He said:" Even thou, Pompeius Magnus?" Pompey was the inspiration of the word Pompous. He insisted people call him Magnus-"the Great" while still a young man. Once when he was given the right to enter Rome in triumph in a chariot borne by four milk white horses, he demanded instead four milk white elephants! They compromised on one white elephant because any more couldn't fit under Rome's victory arches.

1043- Battle of Lyrskog Heath. King Magnus the Good of the Vikings defeats the Wends, a Baltic tribe. Magnus psyched out the enemy by taking off his chain mail armor and he put on a loud red shirt. He then ran ahead of his charging warriors swinging a large double bladed axe over his head in wide circles and crashed into the foe.

1216- CORONATION OF KING HENRY III- English King John Ist, aka John the Bad, John Lackland, John SoftSword, John the Total Loser, etc. was killed when an evil monk poured poisonous toad venom in his ear. His son Henry was left a situation that didn't make for a good coronation. The country was racked by civil war and invasion because of the dispute over the Magna Charter, the great document that granted broad ranging civil rights. Henry couldn't have his coronation at Westminster because London was occupied by a French army. He couldn't have the Archbishop of Canterbury preside over the ceremony because he was under house arrest in the Vatican, the Pope disliked the Magna Charter too. And to top it all off his father had lost the Iron Crown of Alfred the Great at the beach. Boy, what a downer of a party! Henry III would reign for 56 years and demand extravagance at all subsequent royal functions.

1542- The European Discovery of California- Juan de Cabrillo sailing up from Mexico stepped ashore at Cabrillo Point in San Diego Harbor. He had hoped that San Diego Bay would be the Straights of Anian, a mythical sea route back to the Atlantic that would be safer than Magellans Straights. All through the 1500’s conventional thinking in Europe was that America was a big island with sea routes all around it. California was supposed to be the Kingdom of Califa, the Amazons who wield Golden Swords- hmm maybe Juan was toking on one too many of those special tobacco pipes back in Mexico!

1774- Pennsylvanian Joseph Galloway proposed in the first Continental Congress that the solution to America’s problems with England was to petition the mother country for dominion status:” since the colonies hold in abhorrence the idea of being independent communities.” The Dominion idea was defeated by only one vote.

1781- Washington and Rochambeaus’ troops entered the siege trenches around Yorktown. They were amazed at the British army’s lack of activity. Lord Cornwallis knew he was being surrounded by land and sea for two weeks, yet he did nothing to break out of the trap. He decided to wait until his superior General Clinton would arrive with a rescue force. But Clinton was busy in New York entertaining King George’s younger son the Duke of York who was visiting America to buck up morale. No Blackwater then to protect him. Clinton’s relief force showed up to Yorktown two weeks late for Cornwallis’ surrender.

1864- CENTRALIA RAID- Confederate Guerilla "Bloody-Bill" Anderson stops a train of 150 disarmed Union recruits and has them all killed and scalped. Because of the chaos of civil war nobody noticed that this guy was a little nuts. He hung human hair on his saddle and galloped into battle weeping out loud as he fired his pistols. He would put a knot in the sash around his waist for every time he killed a Yankee. By the time Bloody Bill was finally gunned down his sash was full of knots.

1864- THE FIRST INTERNATIONALE opens. European and American trade unions hold a mass meeting in London with the goal of attempting to centralize the world struggle for labor rights. The meeting was soon sidetracked by radical and anarchist politics and disbanded in 1876. One positive accomplishment was a Frenchman wrote a melody for the meeting that has become the most famous song of revolution, "The Internationale". The Second and Third Internationales were more about communist politics.

1904- A woman is arrested on New York’s Fifth Ave for openly smoking a cigarette. Look how far we’ve come. One hundred years later anyone can be arrested for smoking a cigarette!

1918- From Imperial German headquarters General Ludendorf monitored the reports of his armies being driven back from their final defensive lines. Ludendorf closed his office door and went into a fit of hysterics- screaming about how the Kaiser, the Reichstag the Liberals and the Navy had ruined everything. Then after regaining his composure he calmly walked downstairs to a meeting with General Von Hindenberg and Kaiser Wilhelm. There he told them that hopes for winning the World War One were now kaput. The army was defeated, the people demand peace. Negotiations should begin immediately with the Allies based on American President Wilson's 14 Points. Hindenburg wept.

1924 -the first airplane flight around the world landed back at it's point of departure. Commander Leslie Arnold took off from Seattle with 5 converted torpedo bomber seaplanes. One crashed, another sank but the remaining three circumnavigated the globe.

1928-William Paley, son of a cigar manufacturer, became president of CBS broadcasting. He turns it into a corporate broadcasting giant and threw his support behind developing television and long playing records.

1950- In a media rich ceremony General Douglas MacArthur restored South Korean President Sygmun Rhee to his palace in liberated Seoul. The Marines complained that though they had done much of the house-to-house fighting they were left out of the ceremony by old Army man MacArthur. Tough old Colonel Chesty Puller looked at all the crisp Army MP’s standing guard. He growled to a correspondent “Today my First Marines took 25 combat casualties while these little cookies were still flying out from Tokyo!”

1960- Ted Williams hits a home run at his last at-bat. Number 521.

1961- Richard Chamberlain made a name for himself by playing the handsome Dr. Kildare on TV, Raymond Massey co-starred.

1961-The Hazel tv show with Shirley Booth premiered. Anyhting you say, Mister B...

1978- Pope John Paul Ist dies after only 34 days in office. The rumor was some sort of pills were found by his bedside. The Vatican refused any autopsy.