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November 10th, 2007 sat.
November 10th, 2007

former Walt Disney CEO Michael Eisner told Fox News Neil Cavuto on Nov. 8th that he felt that the writer's strike was "stupid" and "misguided"; that the writers are striking over profits that don't exist yet.

This is the simplest explanation of the writer's reasons they are out on strike I've seen yet. Thanks to J Tucker for showing it to me.

When I was union president I loved when executives said things like that. It made my membership angrier and more united in their resolve to continue the fight than anything I could have said. Or perhaps this was Michael's intent all along? As Fats Waller said: One never know, do one?

Quiz: Which U.S. President was originally named Leslie Lynch King?

Answer to yesterday’s question below? When was IN GOD WE TRUST, first put in US money?
Birthdays: Mohammed, Martin Luther, William Hogarth, Charles the Bold of Burgundy, Francois Couperin, King George II of England, Frederick Schiller, Tim Rice, Richard Burton, Roy Scheider, Ann Reinking, MacKenzie Phillips, Russell Means, Sinbad, Brittany Murphy, George Fenneman-Groucho’s TV announcer, animator-teacher Sue Kroyer, Kellie Bea Cooper

1770- Voltaire said:" If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him."

1775- The U.S. Marine Corps founded. Marines were originally the sharpshooters who climb up ships rigging during a sea battle and shoot down on the enemy decks. They have the nickname Leathernecks because part of their early uniform was a stiff leather collar worn under their cravat to ward off cutlass blows and "keep in the head up in a good military bearing."

1782- English King George III wrote Prime Minister Lord Shelburne about the recently lost American Revolution: " I should be miserable indeed if no blame for the dismemberment of America from this Empire not be laid at my door, however knowing that Knavery is so much a striking feature of it’s Inhabitants, it may Not in the end be such an Evil that they are now aliens to this kingdom."

1871- STANLEY FINDS LIVINGSTON- No one in England had heard from the famous African explorer-missionary Dr David Livingston for three years and he was feared dead. Henry Morton Stanley undertook the expedition partly as a publicity stunt funded by the Josef Pulitizer’s New York World newspaper. After one year of wandering through the jungle Stanley came upon the old missionary on the shores of Lake Tanganyika near Ujiji. Stanley introduced himself by saying: "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"

1885- Gottfried Daimler invented the first motorcycle.

1917- The Voting Rights for Women Movement or Suffragettes began a dramatic all day protest in front of the White House. Every time a protestor was arrested and dragged off another would take her place. By the days end 41 women were arrested.

1950- Paramount's "Mice Meeting You" The first Herman & Katnip cartoon.

1951- The first long distance telephone call without needing an operator to make the connection.

1969- The children’s education show SESAME STREET premiered on PBS tv. The world is introduced to Bert & Ernie, Cookie Monster,, Big Bird and Mr Hooper.

1971- The US table tennis team arrived in Red China for a tour. Ping-Pong became an unlikely diplomatic tactic to begin the warming of relations between China and the US.

1975- S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald sinks at Whitefish Bay in Lake Superior, drowning all 29 crew members and causing a famous 70's folk song to happen.

1977- Pope Paul VI announced that Catholics who remarried or married Protestants were no longer automatically excommunicate.

1981- Innovative French film director Abel Gance died at age 92. Shortly before his death he saw his great widescreen movie Napoleon restored by British historian Kevin Brownlow and produced by Francis Ford Coppola with a live audience. Bronlow stretched a telephone cord out on stage so the old man could hear the wild cheers of the audience.

1982- The Vietnam Veterans Wall Monument designed by Maia Lin opened to the public in Washington D.C,

1995- Carolco, the Hollywood studio that produced many Arnold Schwarzenegger hits like "Total Recall" declared bankruptcy after producing $115 million dollar megaflop "Cutthroat Island" with Geena Davis.

2002- The Battle for Tora Bora ended. The U.S. and Afghani military had Osama Ben Laden cornered in a mountain stronghold and was slowly blasting him out. On a captured Al Qaeda communicator they could hear Ben Laden apologizing to his men for leading them into a trap. But the U.S. soldiers there were refused the final reinforcements needed to finish him off. The reason given was the need for the buildup for the invasion of Iraq. The final attack was entrusted to poorly trained Afghan mercenaries who let Osama and a thousand Al Qaeda fighters slip into Pakistan. This is of course, unless you believe that Osama was indeed killed here, and all the poorly made recordings that have surfaced since are fakes. History will tell, eventually.
Answer to Yesterdays Quiz:

When was IN GOD WE TRUST, first stamped on US money?

Answer: appeals to put the Deity on money first began in 1861. The motto In God We Trust was written by Francis Scott Key in an unused verse of the Star Spangled Banner. Although approved in 1864 the motto appeared sporadically over the years. Not until the conservative Republican Congress under President Eisenhower ordered it in 1957 wa sit a regular feature on money. Before this we had mottos like Join or Die, for the colonies; E Pluribus Unum, One people united, and The Union Must Be Preserved.

The English Prince of Wales had Dieu et Mon Droit, God and My Rights, German soldiers had stamped on their beltbuckles Gott