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November 12, 2007 mon.
November 12th, 2007

Jay Leno, a real hero, refuses to go back to work even though NBC is talking of replacing him for the duration.

The Writers' Strike is now entering it's second week and more TV shows are shutting down. No new talks with management are scheduled. Animated shows like Family Guy and the Simpsons that use WGA contract writers will be shutting down for awhile soon.

To those involved- a word of advice from someone who has walked a few picketlines in my day. When it becomes a tense waiting game between you and the producers, try not to get too carried away with enforcement, penalties and hunting down people going back to work. As people watch their savings drain and need someone to blame, we too often turn on each other, who is more "for-the-cause?

Believe me, it's not worth it and it just builds bad blood between union members. George Washington said "flogging a soldier just makes a bad soldier." You'll never build lasting loyalty by bringing your friends up on charges. Never lose sight of the fact of who the real enemy is. Lead by example like Jay Leno does.

Again, best of luck!

Quiz: Who was the original “ Good Time Charlie?”

Answer to yesterday’s question below- which President was originally born William J. Blythe IV?

History for 11/12/2007
Birthdays: Auguste Rodin, Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Bahi-ullah 1817 founder of the Bahii faith, Elizabeth Cadie -Stanton, Cecil B. DeMille, Edward G. Robinson, Jack Oakie, Kim Hunter, Shamus Culhane, Charles Manson, Neil Young, Edvard Munch, Al Michaels, Nadia Comenici , Tanya Harding, Dave Brain, Ryan Gosling is 27, Anne Hathaway is 25

1035- Canute the Great died. He was the Viking King of Denmark, Scotland and England simultaneously. It was Canute who once tried to command the ocean tide to go out. All he got was wet.

1792- The Revolutionary French Republic issued a declaration that any other European kingdom that wants to chop their king’s head off, is welcome to come join the fun.

1859- The first trapeze act was demonstrated at the Cirque Napoleon in Paris. The show caused such a sensation that the daredevil was immortalized by his tights becoming a fashion - Jules Leotard.

1861- THE CURRAUGH CAMP AFFAIR- When 20 year old Edward the Prince of Wales went to Oxford he was kept on a short leash by his worried parents Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. They expected his college life to be- well, Victorian. He was to reside off campus, limited his diet to bland foods and seltzer water and absolutely no smoking or carousing with women! This draconian regimen only stiffened Bertie’s rebellious nature. When allowed to attend maneuvers in Ireland and bunk with a company of hard drinking cavalry officers he was at last free to go wild. By unfortunate coincidence the gossip about the Prince’s all night drinking binges and bedding actresses reached his father just as Albert was showing the first signs of the typhoid fever that would kill him. For years afterwards Queen Victoria blamed her son for contributing to his father's death by breaking his heart. In his adult years King Edward VII was never without a cigar in his teeth, a girl on his lap and a drink in his hand.

1912- SCOTT OF THE ANTARCTIC- in the Antarctic this day the frozen bodies of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott and his men were found. He had lost his race to find the South Pole to Norwegian Piers Ammundsen then was stranded by a blizzard only 30 miles from his base camp on the Ross Ice Shelf. His last diary entry ( March 29th ) said "We are showing that Englishmen can still have a bold spirit, fighting it out to the end. This diary and our dead bodies will be the proof. I should like to write more but I haven't the strength..."

1918- The day after the Armistice ending World War One, thousands of German army soldiers against orders began to march back across their borders in perfect order. Then defying the shouts and threats of their officers, the men threw away their helmets, guns and uniforms, and quietly walked home.

1920- In the wake of the "Black Sox" Baseball scandal, the first rigged World Series, Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis was elected first Commissioner of Baseball. He ordered all those involved in the scandal including Shoeless Joe Jackson permanently banned from baseball even though they had been acquitted in a civil trial.

1927- The Holland Tunnel completed. It runs under the Hudson River connecting New York and New Jersey. It’s not named for the Netherlands, but for the engineer Clifford Holland, who died shortly before it’s completion.

1933- Hugh Gray of the British Aluminum Company takes the first photographs of what he claimed was a monster in Loch Ness. He would be the first of many to have claimed to have seen Nessie.

1946- Disney's "Song of the South" with William Baskett as Uncle Remus.

1955- This is the date Marty McFly returns to in the film Back to the Future and Back to the Future II.

1975- Portland Oregon had a large dead gray whale on it’s beach. It decided it would be easier to dispose if they blew it up. As an audience watched they stuffed it with half a ton of dynamite. The explosion drew cheers from the audience, then everyone ran for cover as they were showered by chunks of smelly blubber and guts.

1990- Akihito became Emperor of Japan.

Yesterday’s question-
Which President was originally born William J. Blythe IV?

Answer: Bill Clinton. Three months before he was born his father was killed in an automobile accident. Bill’s mother Virginia registered his name at birth as William Jefferson Blythe after he late husband. A few years later she married Roger Clinton, and Bill changed his name, legally at age 15.