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Aug 29, 2022
August 29th, 2022

Question: Why are people who listen in on a conversation called eavesdroppers?

Yesterday’s Quiz answered below: Who was Korshak Ziolkowski, and what did he have to do with Mt. Rushmore?
History for 8/29/2022
Birthdays: Charlie Parker, King James II Stuart, John Locke, Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., Jean Dominique Ingres, Preston Sturges, Ingrid Bergman, William Friedkin is 87, Dinah Washington, George Montgomery, Slobodan Milosevic, Robin Leach, Michael Jackson, Joel Schumacher, choreographer Mark Morris, Charles Kettering inventor of the automobile ignition, Joyce Clyde Hall the founder of Hallmark greeting cards, Richard Attenborough, Donald O’Connor, Rebecca DeMornay, John McCain, Elliot Gould is 84

29 AD- Estimated date of the beheading of John the Baptist.

1664- The name of the colony of Nieuw Amsterdaam is officially changed to New York by the occupying British forces. This was a present to the King Charles’s brother James, the Duke of York on his birthday.

1709- PORT ROYAL and the JANSENISTS- Cornelius Jansen was a Dutch Catholic who formulated an extreme reform movement inside Catholicism. He said the only way the Roman Church could re-unite Christianity would be to adopt disciplines that were not too dissimilar to Protestant Calvinism. His ideas won great favor at the French Cistercian Convent of Port Royal and it became the stronghold of the movement under their charismatic Abbess Mere Angelique. Cardinal Richelieu ignored them, as he ignored most spiritual issues, but later King Louis XIV and the Jesuits would not.

After almost a century of controversy this day the King closed the Abbey of Port Royal and outlawed Jansenism. King Louis XIV had such distaste for Jansenism that he held up the appointment of one judge because he thought he was a devotee. But upon being reassured that the man was merely a complete atheist, Louis approved the appointment.

1756- THE SEVEN YEARS WAR began. This could arguably be called the real First World War. Britain, France, Prussia (Germany) and Russia, Austria, Poland, Sweden and Turkey went at each other all over the globe. Armies and fleets battled from Prague to Pennsylvania, Belgium to Madras, Quebec to Sri Lanka. In America, it is called The French & Indian War. If you are a film buff consider this: Barry Lyndon and the Last of the Mohicans are happening at the same time as part of the same war.

1776- The Battle of Long Island ended. George Washington's army was badly beaten in battle by the British, and pinned against the East River. All night the fishermen of Marblehead Massachusetts ferried the remainder of his troops across to Manhattan while the British Navy sat strangely inactive anchored off Staten Island. If the warships had moved up to block the retreat, the Revolution would be over. Even the weather helped with a thick fog that shrouded all activity until 8:00AM in the morning.
A Brooklyn Loyalist named Mrs. Rapalie sent her slave to warn the British that the Yankee rebels were getting away. The man was stopped by some German Hessians who couldn’t understand anything he said in his thick Brooklyn-Colonial accent. So, they arrested him as a spy.

1793- Commissioner of the French Revolutionary Republic, Leger Felicite’ Sonthonax proclaimed the abolition of slavery in San Dominique- now Haiti.

1831 - Michael Faraday demonstrated the 1st electric transformer.

1864 - William Huggins published a study of the chemical composition of nebulae.

1885 – The first heavyweight title fight with regulation 3-oz gloves & 3-minute
rounds fought between John L Sullivan & Dominick McCaffrey. Before this bareknuckle fights could go on for 75 rounds and only be stopped when one of the other opponent was too bloody to continue.

1889 - 1st American Intl pro lawn tennis contest -Newport RI.

1893- Whitcomb Judson & Gideon Sundback invented the ‘clasp-locker” aka the zipper.

1896- Chop Suey invented in New York City.

1897- The FIRST WORLD ZIONIST CONGRESS opened in Basel, Switzerland. Jews from all around the world met to agree on a strategy of returning to Palestine to build a Jewish homeland and getting a major world power to sanction their efforts. They also agreed to adopt the revived Hebrew language as the common mother tongue. Orthodox rabbis objected, because they felt Hebrew was a sacred language and should not be used for everyday profane speech. Hungarian Socialist Theodore Herzl, called the Father of Zionism, at one point almost split the movement with a scheme for all Jews to move to Uganda. There was also another group who wanted Argentina to be the Jewish Homeland, but Palestine finally won out over all.

1908 - NY gives a parade to returning US Olympians from London. Wall Street brokers come up with the idea of throwing shredded stock ticker tape out the windows. The first ticker tape parade.

1909 - World's 1st air race held in Rheims France. Glenn Curtiss (USA) wins.

1914- Mass march of women in black with muffled drums down New York’s Fifth Avenue to demand the U.S. stay out of World War I.

1916- Field Marshals Paul von Hindenberg & Eric Ludendorf were given overall command of the Germany’s armies, and in effect run Germany as well. This was the opposite of the great Clauswitz's rules that war should be subservient to diplomacy and never waged for its own sake. The Kaiser, so belligerent at the beginning of the war was by this point was merely a figurehead. To contribute to the war effort, he agreed to limit his meals to four courses and drink beer instead of champagne. War is Hell!

1925 - After a night on the town, Babe Ruth showed up late for batting practice. So Yankee manager Miller Huggins suspended Ruth & slapped a $5,000 fine on him. Whenever the Yankees were on the road and were safely winning a game, Ruth would take himself out of the lineup early so he could scout out a good bar for the team to go to later.

1929- New York City was having competitions between builders for who could build the tallest office building. The Chrysler Building had recently surpassed the Bank of Manhattan Building. On this day William Ratzengauer and former Presidential candidate Al Smith announced they would build a monster building, much higher than any other. It would be on the site of the old Waldorf Astoria Hotel. They would call it the Empire State Building.

1949- Soviet Russia detonated its first atomic bomb "First Lightning". The scientists won medals, automobiles and dachas (vacation homes). They knew that if it had not worked, they all would have been sent to Siberia. Yet Stalin made no public announcement until he could fill his larder with nukes. A CIA sniffer plane picked up the evidence of the bomb and dubbed it "Joe-1" after Joe Stalin. It was announced on Sept 23rd. The U.S. reacted to this news and the news of Mao's taking over China with shock. It fueled the great Red-scare of the 1950's.

1953- Warner's "Cat Tails for Two" introduced Speedy Gonzales.

1954- San Francisco International Airport (SFO) opened.

1955- Mamie Van Doren married Ray Anthony.

1958 - George Harrison joins the Quarrymen -Lennon-McCartney and Sutcliffe. The later rename themselves the Beatles.

1962- The Kennedy State Department sent poet laureate Robert Frost on a goodwill tour of Soviet Russia.

1966- Egyptian political writer Sayyid Qutb was executed for plotting against the government. Qutb is considered by many the philosopher of the new Fundamentalist Islam in the world today. His pupil who took up his cause was Ayman Al Zuwahiri. He is the man in the horn-rimmed glasses who stood next to Osama bin Laden. He was just killed by a US drone strike last month.

1967- Final Episode of the television series "The Fugitive". Dr. Richard Kimble catches the one-armed-man and clears his name. 78 million people watched this episode.

1970- The Chicano Moratorium- 20,000 Americans of Mexican ancestry protested the war in Vietnam. During the rioting, the Times correspondent Ruben Salazar was killed by police. The Chicano Rights movement was born.

1974- THE RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE- Prizefighter Mohammed Ali won back his heavyweight crown from George Foreman in a wild showbiz event set up in Kinshasa, Zaire. Ali joked "Tonight, they'll be a thousand guys named Mohammed out there rooting for me, and another thousand guys named Ali rooting for me, but there won't be anybody else out there named George Foreman!" Foreman left boxing, became a minister, then returned in his 40’s to win the heavyweight crown and a fortune when most athletes are retired.

1976 - Anissa Jones, the child actress who played Buffy on the television show Family Affair), died of a drug overdose at age 18.

1989 -Hotel millionaire Leona Helmsley had said: "Only little people pay taxes". This day she was sentenced to four years in prison and fined two million dollars for 33 counts of income tax evasion. According to a London newspaper, one butler under oath admitted he hated Leona so much that whenever she asked for a Perrier, he would unzip his fly and use his rather unique swizzle-stick for her drink. Leona died in 2007 and left the bulk of her estate to her dog.

2002- Peep-O-Rama, Times Square’s last remaining peep show, closed.

2005- HURRICANE KATRINA slammed into the cities of New Orleans, Gulfport Louisiana, and Biloxi, Mississippi. 165 mph winds, Tidal surges up to 30 feet collapsed levees, sending walls of water across the Big Easy. 1,800 died, 800,000 homeless and billions of dollars in damage. The tragedy proved that for all the fuss about government preparedness after 9-11, America was still woefully confused in a real crisis.
While people drowned in their attics and critical care patients on their gurneys were abandoned on the sidewalk to die, the government fumbled for almost a week. Long lines of relief trucks and ambulances were kept waiting outside the city with no permission to move in. A rescue caravan full of Canadian Mounties actually drove from Winnipeg to New Orleans quicker than the U.S. government did.
Meanwhile President Bush played air guitar at a Navy base in San Diego and compared himself to FDR, then partied with John McCain on a golf course for his birthday. Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff attended a Bird Flu seminar and FEMA head David Brown sent e-mails to friends like “Did you see me on camera with my new tie? -Fabulous!”

In 2021, on the 16th anniversary of Katrina, New Orleans was hit by another Force 4 monster, Hurricane Ida.

2008- CARIBOU BARBIE- Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain surprised the political world when he named Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his choice for running mate. It is still argued today whether this unconventional choice was good or bad. She energized the far right wing base of the party, but her obvious unpreparedness for high office offended Republican intelligentsia and scared off their few remaining independent voters.
Yesterday’s Question: Who was Korshak Ziolkowski, and what did he have to do with Mt. Rushmore?

Answer: Korshak Ziolkowski was a worker on the original Mt Rushmore. He thought it was unfair that there was no equal monument to Native Americans in their own sacred Black Hills. In the 1970s he began carving an entire mountain into a giant statue of Chief Crazy Horse. He died in 1982 and his family continues the work.