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April 26, 2023
April 26th, 2023

Quiz: What is a roofie?

Yesterday’s question answered below: There is evidence, then there is empirical evidence. What is the difference?
History for 4/26/2023
Birthdays: Marcus Aurelius, French Queen Marie De Medicis, Pasquale Paoli, John James Audubon, Frederick Law Olmstead, Eugene Delacroix, Syngman Rhee, Dr. Lee DeForrest, John Grierson founder of the National Film Board of Canada, Rudolf Hess, Bobby Rydell, Anita Loos, I. M. Pei, Carol Burnett is 90, Eyvind Earle, Giancarlo Esposito is 67, Kevin James, Amos Otis, Joan Chen is 61, Jimmy Giuffre, Rocker Duane Eddy- 83, Jet Li- born Li Lian jie is 60, Victor Perrin 1916, voice actor who did the Control Voice in The Outer Limits. He also was Dr Zin in Johnny Quest., Melania Trump is 53

1478- THE PAZZI CONSPIRACY- Pope Sixtus planned to take over Florence by arranging a hit on Duke Lorenzo de Medici "The Magnificent". Francesco Pazzi and Bernardo Bandini attacked the Duke in church just as the consecrated Host was being raised. Lorenzo escaped harm but his brother Giuliano was cut down.
Furious Florentines fell on the felons (repeat three times fast) and nailed their smoking hearts to the door of the cathedral. People blamed Archbishop Salviati for being part of the plot. The mob chased the archbishop up the bell tower, wrapped the bell chords around his neck and tossed him out to ring the bells for awhile. The people shouted "Long Live the Balls!" for the six gold balls that were the heraldic emblem of the Medici Family Bank. This emblem of three gold balls has come down to us as the universal sign for pawnbrokers.
Michelangelo created a beautiful tomb for murdered Giuliano de Medici. Duke Lorenzo ordered artists to paint the portraits of the murderers’ corpses. Giuliano’s illegitimate son later became Pope Clement VII.

1607-THE ENGLISH LAND AT JAMESTOWN. First permanent English colony in America. The good ship Susan Constant and two small pinnaces landed 150 men. These men were mostly professional adventurers and gentlemen. Capt. Martin and Capt. Archer served with Sir Francis Drake. Of the 150, only 12 men actually could do a trade other than fighting. Their goal was to find another Aztec Empire like the Spaniards found in Mexico, defeat it, and send the gold back home. In a years time all but 50 of them would be dead from fever and cholera. And they never found any gold. Until John Rolfe began growing tobacco there, the Virginia colony was seen as a failure.
Oh yeah, there was that John Smith guy too. He wouldn’t meet Pocahontas until around Christmas.

1777- Sybil Luddington, the female Paul Revere. Pro-British Governor Tryon launched punitive raids from occupied New York across Long Island Sound to the Connecticut coast. When one such raid threatened Danbury, colonial colonel Luddington’s 16-year-old daughter Sybil leapt on a horse and rode 45 miles through the townships rousing the minutemen. Sybil survived the Revolutionary War, married, and lived to be 89.

1846- Since annexing Texas, the U.S. and Mexico disagreed over where the border was. Mexico said it was the Nueces River, while the U.S. said it was the Rio Grande. President James K. Polk ordered an army into a disputed border area, in the hope Mexico would attack them. Then Washington could declare war with a clear conscience. This day, outside Matamoros, Mexican General Arrista ordered his men to fire on some Yankee woodcutters. When Gen. Zachary Taylor sent a Captain Thornton with some dragoons to investigate, they were attacked as well. Taylor wrote to Washington " Hostilities have commenced" Pres. Polk addressed Congress, “The cup of forbearance had been exhausted even before the recent information from the frontier of the Del Norte [Rio Grande]. But now, after reiterated menaces, Mexico has passed the boundary of the United States, has invaded our territory and shed American blood upon the American soil! She has proclaimed that hostilities have commenced, and that the two nations are now at war.” The War with Mexico was on.

1865- Near Bowling Green Virginia, President Abe Lincoln’s assassin John Wilkes Booth was cornered in the barn of Garretts tobacco farm. The troopers set fire to the barn, and as Booth emerged he was shot by Sgt. Boston Corbett. Booth died looking at his hands muttering "Useless, useless..."Corbett was a religious fanatic who had castrated himself with a bayonet to be free of sin. Years after killing Booth, Corbett committed suicide.

1877- The people of Minnesota held a state-wide day of prayer to ask the Almighty to deliver them from a plague of grasshoppers infesting their farmland. It must have worked because they were gone by the end of the summer.

1878- The Oxford dons who oversaw the Oxford University Press charged Scottish scholar James Murray with completing the first complete Oxford Dictionary of the English Language. This would be the first comprehensive dictionary of the King’s English since Dr Johnson’s in 1755. The project had been started by the son of the poet Samuel Coleridge but he died of consumption. James Murray was a self taught scholar who as a boy tried to teach his cows to respond to commands in Latin.

1926- The British General Strikes- Unions across Great Britain joins in sympathy with miners to paralyze the nation. Troops and tanks are stationed in WhiteHall for fear of a Bolshevik-style rising. The horrible poverty resulting from defeating the strikers accelerate the Depression already gripping postwar Europe.
When the Prince of Wales (future Edward VIII) was shown the medieval squalor the Midlands miners lived in, he was deeply shocked, but eyewitnesses said after returning to Kensington Palace for a bath and a whiskey & soda, he had quite forgotten about it.

1928- Los Angeles City Hall dedicated.

1933- The Nazi government formed an internal police force called the Gehime Staatspolitzei- aka the Gestapo.

1937- GUERNICA- In Spain the Stuka bombers of the German Condor Legion, Nazi subcontractors for Franco, bombed an innocent Basque village, killing 5,000 and provoking an international outcry and a painting by Picasso. Attacking at the height of the market time, for three hours the planes bombed and strafed the helpless civilians with no military target in sight. Combatants in WWI tried to avoid harming civilians, but this act and the simultaneous Japanese attacks in China signaled a new tactic, sowing terror by treating civilians as targets.

1941- An organ is played for the first time at a baseball game in Chicago.

1942- The last Little Orphan Annie radio program ran on WGN Chicago. After 12 years, Ovaltine replaced it with Captain Midnight.

1945- The War Department in their new headquarters in the Pentagon issued orders to General Eisenhower in Europe to begin Operation Paperclip- "to preserve from destruction and take under your control records, plans, documents files and other information and data belonging to German organizations engaged in military research." Included in the haul were dozens of German rocket scientists who regardless of their political sympathies were spirited away for the burgeoning US missile program.

1965- Fred Smith, a student at Yale, got his economics paper back with a "c'" and a note stating the idea he espoused was impractical. The idea was an overnight air-freight service which he founded six years later as Federal Express.

1969- PAUL IS DEAD. The height of a strange rumor that excited the rock & roll world that Paul McCartney of the Beatles had died, and the news was being kept a secret. Evidence was presented in the cryptic lyrics of "I am the Walrus", songs played backwards and the record album photo where Paul is the only figure with his back to the camera.
A TV special hosted by celebrity attorney F. Lee Bailey explored the controversy. Finally, this day Paul and Linda McCartney held a news conference and declared he was very much alive and what on Earth was everyone on about?

1977- In New York City, Studio 54, the mecca of 70’s Disco culture opened.

1982- Argentina gave in to Britain's demands ending the Falklands War. The military junta ruling in Buenos Aires fell a year later.

1986- CHERNOBYL- The Chernobyl nuclear reactor explodes. While the Soviet Government acknowledged 400 deaths, accounts put it as high as 9,000. 100,000 square miles of the Ukraine was contaminated, and tainted food shipped to 65 million people. Historian Igor Medvedev (who died from radiation induced cancer) reported on the bizarre fumbling at the beginning of the crisis.
When one engineer entered the reactor core, he saw the devastation of the explosion while absorbing the radiation equivalent of 23 Hiroshima atomic bombs. He went out and told his supervisor: "Reactor Number Three has exploded." His supervisor told him: "That’s impossible! Go back and look again." So, he dutifully re-entered the reactor core, absorbing another 23 atomic bombs worth of radiation and came out and said:" Yes, it’s true, it’s really blown up." And he died shortly afterward.

1986- Arnold Schwarzenegger aka Conan the Republican, married Maria Shriver, the niece of John F. Kennedy.

1993- NBC announced former Simpsons and Saturday Night Live comedy writer Conan O’Brien would take David Letterman’s old Late Show spot. After a few years he moved on to replace the retiring the retiring Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. But soon Leno decided he did not want to retire just yet and bounced Conan.

2004- Michael Eisner of Disney named to Forbes list of the Worst CEOs in America.
Yesterday’s question: There is evidence, then there is empirical evidence. What is the difference?

Answer: Evidence can be circumstantial. He-said, she-said. Piecing together clues. Empirical evidence is a fancy way of saying hard, physical evidence or direct observation. A recovered murder weapon, etc.