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May 23rd, 2008 friday
May 22nd, 2008

Quiz: Why is Memorial Day in the US celebrated at the end of May, while England and Canada celebrate it in November?

YESTERDAYS Quiz answered below: If God rested on the seventh day, which is Saturday, why is the Christian Sabbath day on Sunday?
History for 5/23/2007
Birthdays: Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Scatman Crowthers, Rosemary Clooney, Artie Shaw, Joan Collins, Alicia de Larrocha, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Dr. Robert Moog –inventor of the first Music Synthesizer, Drew Carey

Today in ancient Rome was the feast of Vulcan.

1701 -Captain Kidd was hanged in London for piracy, robbery and killing a sailor with a bucket. His last letter was written to try to bribe the judge with his buried treasure. His body was coated with tar and left hanging in a cage suspended over Execution Wharf on the Thames for years afterwards, as a warning to other would be pirates.

1706- BATTLE OF RAMILIES- the Duke of Marlborough destroyed the main French army of Louis XIV under Marshal Villeroi. Carried away by the excitement Marlborough personally led a cavalry charge sword in hand against the Maison Du Roi – the French elite Guards Cavalry. In the melee' he was knocked off his horse, trampled, he had to run for his life and as he was climbing up on another horse the aide holding the reins had his head struck off by a cannon ball. His enthusiasm for mano-a-mano combat cooled, Marlborough spent the rest of the day in the rear directing the victory like a good general should.

1785- Ben Franklin invented bifocal glasses.

1865- UNION VICTORY DAY-To celebrate the end of the American Civil War today was the Union Victory Parade in Washington D.C.- The massed Grand Armies of the Republic marched down Pennsylvania Ave. to celebrate their victory over the Confederacy. They passed President Andrew Johnson and Generals Grant and Sherman. Sherman refused to shake hands with Secretary of War Edwin Stanton because of Stanton's criticism of Sherman's surrender terms to the Confederate western armies. 27 year old Gen. Custer, showing off for the crowd, with his golden locks flowing, managed to pass the reviewing stand twice. He claimed his horse was skittish. Despite the fact that 180.000 African American men fought in the war no black regiments were allowed in the parade to avoid controversy. Even the Gallant 54th Mass who did the heroic attack on Fort Wagner was refused permission to march. The flags in the nation's capitol were returned to full mast for the first time since Lincoln's assassination. Union veterans later formed the first professional veterans aid association the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), a forerunner of the VFW and the American Legion.

1903- MOTHER JONES 'CHILDRENS CRUSADE- Seventy three year old activist and union organizer Mary "Mother Jones" Harris led a strike of 16,000 Philadelphia mill workers, all children under 12 years old, to demand a 55 hour workweek down from 60 hours a week. On this day she led a march of thousands of working children to President Teddy Roosevelt's home in Oyster Bay New York to demand the repeal of child labor.

1934- Young gangsters BONNIE & CLYDE were blown away in a hail of machine gunfire as they drove down a road near Gisland, Louisiana. I wonder if they read them their rights first..? The ambush was set up by legendary old Texas Ranger Frank Hamer. An estimated 107 shots were fired in less than two minutes and each body had about 28 bullets in them. . Hamer smiled:" It’s a shame I had to bust the cap on a lady." Their peppered car still pops up at auto shows from time to time. In 1948 Frank Hamer was called out of retirement to help investigate voter fraud involving the first senate race of a young congressman named Lyndon B. Johnson.

1941-Hollywood union boss George Brown and assistant Willard Bioff (also a Frank Nitti bagman) were indicted on federal racketeering charges. Brown had been a Chicago operative and it was said 'he could drink 100 bottles of beer in one day". Their main contact among the Hollywood studio heads was Nicholas Schenck, the chairman of Loews Theaters and a head of MGM. Willie Bioff had tried to help Louis B. Mayer defeat the screen actor's guild and hijack the Disney animator's union. After their jail time Bioff blew up in his car after turning government witness and Brown 'disappeared...' Schenck meanwhile was pardoned by President Truman.

1969- The Who release their rock opera Tommy.

2003- In US occupied Iraq, new occupational viceroy L. Paul Bremmer overruled CIA and Army advice and disbanded the Iraqi Army, internal security, Presidential Guards and police forces, about 500,000. His explanation was he was following orders, although Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said he was surprised by the move. With this one decree, thousands of angry, humiliated soldiers were unemployed, robbed of their pensions and livelihood, but allowed to keep their weapons. The Anti-American insurgency soon exploded.
Yesterdays Quiz: If God rested on the seventh day, which is Saturday, why is the Christian Sabbath day on Sunday?

Answer: Roman Emperor Constantine, who raised the Christian faith from a despised cult to the State Religion, was first a devotee of the Sun God Sol Invictus, whose sacred day was the Sun’s Day. In 321 AD he decreed the Sun’s Day as the Roman day of rest. Christian apologists say the Apostles debated whether to make the day the Sabbath long before Constantine was born.