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June 30th, 2008

courtesy and PIXAR/Disney

Congrats to Andrew and the PIXAR gang for going 9 for 9 out of the starting gate with Wall-E. I saw it on a weekend we also saw MONGOL! go figure. I had worried about the resemblance to Short Circuit and how the death of Joe Ranft would effect the Story Dept.. But the results speak for themselves.

It was great! It's like a broken record already, nice animation, beautiful cinematography, nice story. A little long, but I thought the last few PIXAR films were overlong, except for the INCREDIBLES.

I find it interesting how since CARS Pixar is exploring this new nether region inbetween pure cartoons and live action. Those shots of Wall-E going through the bleak Earth landscape had a photo-real feel, but keeping it's integrity as a cartoon film, much like the racetrack shots in CARS. It'll be cool to see where they go with this.

And Mr Eggleston and Capobianco, thanks for the Art History lesson in the end titles. Very well done. Saul Bass and Abe Levitow would be proud.