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Welcome to September from Septembrius, After August the Romans ran out of names for the
months. Septembrius is from the Roman number 7, March being the first month.

Today we learned of the death of two famous Hollywood artists.Ed Benedict, the animator-designer of the Flintstones among other great characters. He was a strong influence on filmmakers like John K.. Various blogs like Johns' and Cartoon Brew speak about his achievements. I communicated with Ed in his retirement, but I really didn't know him that well.

I do recall when I was working on Hanna & Barbera shows in the late 1970s I was once doing cleanup on Yogi's Space Race, yet another retread of the old H&B characters. Partly for reference the studio gave us copies of the original model sheets of Yogi, Boo-Boo and Huckleberry Hound. Handling the characters I was impressed by the amount of sophistication in the design. At first glance they seem so naively simple, but in about 15 minutes you were drawing them like you drew them all your life. You could animated them full on ones, or you could animate them very limited, and they always looked good. That kind of design was not an accident, it required intelligence and experience. The minds that created the beautiful MGM Tom & Jerrys knew just where to cut corners. I don't know if Ed designed those characters, but he was central to the H&B design team.

Also the death of screenwriter Josef Stefano. He wrote Alfred Hitchcocks' Psycho and the television series The Outer Limits. " Do not attempt to adjust your television set....We are in control...We control the horizontal...etc."
Birthdays: Joachim Pachebel, boxer Gentleman Jim Corbet, orchestra conductor Seiji
Ozawa, Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs, Walter Reuther founder of the United Auto
Workers, Englebert Humperdinck- the 19th century composer, Conway Twitty,
Jack Hawkins, Leonard Slatkin, Marylin Munster-Yvonne DeCarlo, Gloria Estefan,
Tex Avery animator Mike Lah, Canadian folksinger Boxcar Willie, Richard Farnsworth, Lily Tomlin.

1852-The Hot Dog or Frankfurter was invented by a group of butchers in
Frankfurt, Germany. It didn't catch on in the U.S until it was served at the
opening the Coney Island Exhibition in 1894 where it was billed as a Vienna
Sausage. In Chicago they were called Red Hots. Dog was one newspaper's speculation
upon the origins of the meat. It was first served at a baseball game in 1910.

1913 - George Bernard Shaw¹s play "Androcles & the Lion," premieres
in London.

1919- Pat Sullivan's 'Feline Follies" cartoon staring Felix the Cat.
Felix is the first true animated star, not depended on a previous
newspaper comic strip. His body prototype, a black peanut shape with four
fingers, will be the standard for years to come and copied for characters
like Oswald and Mickey Mouse. By 1926 he was the most popular star in
Hollywood after Chaplin and Valentino. Lindbergh had a Felix doll in his
plane and it has been speculated that Groucho Marx copied his famous strut.
The first television image broadcast by scientists in 1926 was of a Felix
Producer Pat Sullivan and his wife Margaret. Courtesy of Cartoon Brew.

1928- Paul Terry premiered his sound cartoon RCA Photophone system for a
short called "Dinner Time". Young studio head Walt Disney came by train
out from Los Angeles to see it. He telephoned his studio back in L.A." My Gosh,
Terrible! A Lot of Racket and Nothing Else!" He said they could continue to
complete their first sound cartoon "Steamboat Willie".

1932-Mayor Jimmy Walker resigned as Mayor of New York. The corrupt but
colorful Walker was a former vaudeville hoofer who wrote a hit song "Will
you love me in September like you do in May.?" and flouted his chorus girl
mistress at social functions. The man who served out Walker¹s term was John
P."Boo-Boo" O¹Brian, another Tamany machine politician who was so inept
that when a reporter asked who he planned to name as the new Sewer Commissioner
O¹Brian said "A decision hasn¹t been given me yet.."

1939- FIRST CANNES FILM FESTIVAL- The premiere film event in Europe had been
the Venice Film Festival but western democracies tired of the bias of the
judges for Fascist and Nazi films. For example Walt Disney was annoyed his
Snow White, the box office and critical champ of 1938, lost out to Leni
Reifenstahl's Olympia. So the little French Riviera city was chosen as the
site for a new festival. Two days after opening World War Two was declared
and the festival shut down until 1946.

1939- WORLD WAR TWO BEGAN. The Nazi Army blitzkreigs into Poland.

1939 ­ The Physical Review published the1st paper on a celestial phenomena
called "black holes".

1955- Phillip Loeb was a TV star, playing Papa on the show The Goldbergs on
radio and television. But the book Red Channels listed him as a Communist.
He was blacklisted and the show dropped by CBS and NBC. This day Phil Loeb
checked into the Hotel Taft and swallowed a bottle full of sleeping pills..

1979 - LA Court orders retired TV star Clayton Moore to stop wearing his
Lone Ranger mask in public appearances. Paramount was pushing a bad remake
the Legend of the Lone Ranger starring Klinton Spillsbury and so wanted the
old man to stop competing for the spotlight. But today that movie is
forgotten while everyone remembers the TV show,

1998- THE STARR REPORT- The full text of independent Special Counsel Kenneth
Starr¹s investigation into the sexual wrongdoings of President Bill Clinton
with his intern Monica Lewinsky was released on-line. It was the first major
news story reported on the Internet first, a full day before newspapers and television
could get it. Twenty million log on¹s occurred in one days time. It caused
huge internet user jams and sparked a furious response from millions of
Americans, all on electronic mail. Americans learned of their Presidents
many uses for his cigar and Monica snapping her thong underwear at him. Many
felt the salacious details ranked as soft-core pornography but it was sent
out without any child-proof guards anyway, championed by conservative
politicians who normally cry for media censorship. Pornography publishing
tycoon Larry Flynt jokingly offered Kenneth Starr a job."Heck, any man who
could get that much porn into 50 million homes so quickly should be working
for me!"