March 22, 2007 thurs
March 22nd, 2007

Birthdays: Sir Anthony Van Dyck, Marcel Marceau, Stephen Sondheim, Karl
Malden, Werner Klemperer- Colonel Klink in Hogans Heroes, George Benson,
James Gavin, Allen Neuharth the founder of USA-Today, Milt Kahl, Fanny
Ardant, Lena Olin, William Shatner

In ancient Rome this day was the Festival of the Entry of the Tree- when the
priestesses of Cybele Goddess of the Harvest would lead a procession through
the streets carrying pine or palm branches. In later times, the Christians
took this custom and made it Palm Sunday.

1894- First Stanley Cup Game- Montreal 3, Ottawa 1.

1913- Jack London (White Fang, The Call of the Wild) wrote fellow writers H.
G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw and Winston Churchill and asked them how much
they get paid. He was unsure what to charge for his stories.

1947- President Truman signed an Executive Order # 9835 ordering background
checks of all government employees and to take an Oath of Loyalty to the
United States. Two million took the oath, only 129 were sacked for refusing.

1958- Hollywood producer Mike Todd was killed in a small plane crash. He
produced hit movies like Around the World in 80 Days and romanced starlets
like Gypsy Rose Lee and Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor and Todd had been married
for one year and she was devastated by the accident. Years and many
marriages later, Taylor said Mike Todd was the only man she actually loved.

1960- Arthur Shawlow and Charles Townes patent the laser beam. Light
Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation or LASER.

1970- The Beatles break up. Paul McCartney filed papers in a London court
for a formal dissolving of the Fab Fours partnership.

1972- The National Commission on Drug Abuse recommends ending all penalties
and laws prohibiting marijuana. No one listens to them.

1972- Congress passed the ERA, the Equal Rights Amendment, forbidding any
discrimination by sex. Women's rights groups first proposed the ERA in 1923.
With the heady atmosphere of Womens Liberation in the early 70s the
amendment seemed a no-brainer, however, the Conservative backlash led by
anti-feminists like Phyllis Schlafly slowly stunted its ability to win over
states for ratification. The ERA died unratified in 1982.

1991- Ivana Trump divorces Donald Trump. A celebrated court case ensued to
see how the huge Trump fortune would be divided. Newspapers cry Ivanna More

1995- First day of shooting on that utterly classic film Dinosaur Valley

March 21, 2007 weds.
March 21st, 2007

Today I was in New York and went to a preview performance of the hotest new play on Broadway, Curtains by Kantor & Ebb.
It was like an old animation reunion because I went backstage afterwards and hung out with stars David Hyde Pierce and Ernie Sabella. Or you toon folks might recall them as Drix from Osmosis Jones an Pumbaa from Lion King. At my casting audtions today we also talked with David Ogden Stiers, or Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast. The play had a wonderful energy and everyone had a lot of fun. I wish them Break a Leg and a long run. If you get to Noo Yawk, check it out soon!

Birthdays: Plato, Johann Sebastian Bach, Benito Juarez, Modest Mussorgsky, Fats Waller, Josef Pulitzer, Florenz Zeigfield, Bronco Billy Anderson, Rev Ralph Abernathy, Armand Hammer, Harold Robbins, Matthew Broderick, Gary Oldman, James Coco, Timothy Dalton, Rosie O’Donnell is 46

717 A.D. Battle of Vinciacus- Charles Martel aka Charles the Hammer" defeats Ragenfridus and the Merovingian pretenders and assures the dominance of the Carolingian line on the throne of the Franks ,the French. Hammer don’t hurt’em! Charles grandson was Charlemagne. His great-grandson Pippin was made into a musical by Bob Fosse and Stephen Schwarz in the 1970's. A musical called "Ragenfridus!" just doesn't have the same ring.

1617-Lady Rebecca Rolfe, formerly known as Pocahontas, dies at Gravesend, England after being taken off the homeward bound ship, too ill to continue. She died of the pox at 21. Her children with John Rolfe became the beginnings of one of the largest families in Virginia, with many scions of the Old Dominion tracing their ancestry to Pocahontas.

1740- Composer Antonio Vivaldi - Il Pietro Rosso- the Red Priest conducted his last concert at the Ospedale Della Pietra in Venice. It was a home for orphaned girls so it was an all-girl orchestra. The 64 year old Vivaldi later went to Vienna to see if he could get any commissions from the Austrian Emperor, but caught an illness on the way and died.

1921- Chicago mobster Big Jim Colosimo was rubbed out by a new face in gangsterdom, a hitman for Johnny Torrio named Alfonso “Scarface” Capone. When Al Capone becomes famous he shows his appreciation to Torrio by having him rubbed out.

1935- Persia renamed Iran and Mesopotamia renamed Iraq.

1951- HOLLYWOOD COMMIES- House UnAmerican Acitivities Commitee (HUAC) under Judge J. Parnell Thomas moves from Washington and sets up in Hollywood to continue rooting out Communist subversion in the movies. They began in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and later move to the federal building downtown. Their concerns weren’t total fantasy, actor Sterling Hayden confessed he was ordered by his communist operatives to try and influence the Screen Actor’s Guild. Still the point remains whether the authorities overreaction was justified and whether Congress could get more publicity looking for spies in Tinseltown than the Department of Games and Fisheries. Out of 15,000 people who made a living in the movies and television, only 295 were ever proven or confessed communists. It was an open secret that for $5,000 delivered to the right committee member your dossier would be moved to the bottom of the pile. The hearings stopped in 1956, the blacklist was broken in 1960 and Judge J. Parnell Thomas went to jail himself for embezzlement. Screenwriter Ring Lardner , already convicted of contempt of Congress in the Hollywood Ten trials was sitting in jail with his gangster cellmate listening to all the famous moviestars denounce each other on the radio. The hoodlum turned to Lardner and said:" Hey, if you are one of dem Reds lemme give ya some advice: Any organization wid dat many finks in it can't be any good !"

1952- DJ Alan Freed put on an event of new pop music in Cleveland Ohio. Called the MoonDog Coronation Ball, it was the very first Rock Concert.

1961- The Beatles first perform at the Cavern Club in Hamburg Germany.

1961- based on the success of the first Playboy Club in Chicago, Playboy Clubs with their Bunny waitresses opened in New York, Miami and LA.

1963- On orders from Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Alcatraz Prison was closed.

1963- Barbera Streisand married Elliot Gould.

1976- ASPEN MURDER- Jet setter Claudine Longet, a model who was formerly married to singer Andy Williams, shot and killed her lover Spider Sabich, a Olympic skiing champion. Even though their relationship was foundering she said it was an accident, that the Luger went off in his abdomen when he was showing her how to use it. In the bathroom. Uh Huh. Imagine being in the bathroom shaving and your girlfriend pops in “Honey, I’m having problems with the safety on my Luger..Here darling I’ll just –oops!” She spent 30 days in jail for negligent manslaughter, then married her defense attorney.

1988- the Screen Actor's Guild hits the bricks for the fourth time in twenty years, this time striking Hollywood for residuals for cable and videocassette income.

2014-Asteroid# 2003QQ47 will pass close by the Earth. If the half mile wide rock hits us it will have the effect of 23 Hiroshima bombs and cause drastic climactic convulsions. Right now the odds are 900,000 to one we get hit. Get your catchers mitts out!

Birthday: Roman poet Ovid -43b.c.- who wrote the world's oldest book on how to score with women- the Art of Love, Henryk Ibsen, Lauritz Melchior, Ray Goulding of Bob & Ray, Mr. Rogers, Carl Reiner, Sheldon "Spike" Lee, Sir Michael Redgrave, Edgar Buchanan, Holly Hunter

Happy Vernal Equinox, or Spring, if you will….

1841- Edgar Allen Poe's The Murder's in the Rue Morgue first published in Graham’s Magazine. Called the first true detective novel, Poe's detective C. Auguste Dupin was inspired by a real French sleuth named Jules Vinquoc who used disguises and deductive science to solve crimes the Paris police could not handle. The character was the inspirations for Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie’s Inspector Poirot.

1852-Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" first published. It sold one million copies within six months. The book was the first to treat the horrors of slavery directly and portray slave families not as dumb brutes or happy minstrels but victimized human beings. Because of this book, during the Civil War Yankee soldiers referred to Confederates as women-whippers, and baby stealers. Stowe said modestly: “I didn’t write it, God did. I just took dictation.”When she visited the White House President Lincoln met her with:”So here’s the little lady who started the big war.”
Remember in the Looney Tunes when the old black father fends off the whip by pleading-" You may own my body, but my heart belongs to Warner Brothers!"

1899- In Sing-Sing prison Martha Place becomes the first woman in the U.S. to be electrocuted. She had killed her stepdaughter. Because Sing-Sing Prison in Ossining New York was situated up the Hudson River from New York City, the phrase to be” sent up the River” as meaning going to jail, became popular.

1903- Henri Matisse exhibits at the Salon des Independents in Paris.

1931- Cantors Kosher deli opens in Los Angeles.

1942- After a harrowing escape from the Philippines through Japanese lines by pt. boat, submarine and plane General MacArthur arrived at the Australian town of Darwin. His first radio message was to tell the occupied Philippine people “ I Shall Return!” The U.S. State Department later asked MacArthur to amend his message to the more democratic We Shall Return but the imperious general refused.

1943-MGM's "Dumb Hounded" the first Droopy Cartoon.

1969-John Lennon married Yoko Ono on the Rock of Gibraltar.

1999- After years of attempts and failures involving millionaires like Richard Branson, Rocky Aoki and Malcom Forbes- Dr Bertrand Picard of Switzerland and Brian Jones of the UK became the first to circumnavigate the Earth in a balloon. It was named the Breitling Orbiter 3. Dr Picard said: “I am with the Angels and completely happy.” Mr Jones said: First thing I’ll do is phone my wife, then like a good Englishman I’ll have a cup of tea.”

1999- Legoland opened in Carlsbad Cal.

March 19th, 2007 Monday
March 19th, 2007

Birthdays: George De La Tour, Wyatt Earp, Dr. David Livingston, William Jennings Bryan, Sir Richard Burton (The African explorer, not Liz Taylor's ex), Charles M. Russell, Jacky Moms Mabley, Leonard Nimoy, Adolf Eichman, Richard Williams, Phillip Roth, Adolf Galland, Ursula Andress, Patrick McGoohan, Ornette Coleman, Harvey Weinstein, Bruce Willis is 52, Glenn Close is 60

Roman Festival ANCILIA when the Salii, the Leaping Priests of Mars, take down the Sacred Shields of Mars the Avenger that dropped down from Heaven on Romulus (Ouch! OOch!) and do the leaping dance of Mars! Ceremony to mark the beginning of campaigning season.

Today is Saint Joseph.’s Day, when the swallows come back to Capistrano.

1330- Edmund the Earl of Kent is beheaded by order of his mother. who's a naughty boy...!

1611- Moscow Burns- again. During the period called the Time of Troubles a Polish army had captured the Kremlin and tried to get the son of the Polish King Wladyswav IV or Ladislas made Czar. The Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow Hermogenes forbade any good Russian from swearing allegiance to the Roman Catholic Ladislas. So the Poles threw the Patriarch in a dungeon where he soon died. This day a rebel army organized by a Prince Troubetskoy and peasant butcher Kosma Minin attacked the foreign occupiers and in the ensuing conflict the city caught fire. Four hundred years later Prince Troubetskoy’s descendant was a producer on the Fox animated feature "Ice Age".

1875- Mark Twain admits in a letter that he now likes to use a typewriter, a new technology accused of ruining the art of writing.

1914- A fire in the negative vaults of the Eclair Studios in New Jersey destroyed forever all the American work of pioneer French animator Emile Cohl. He had come to the U.S. to animate the first cartoon series, George McManus’ "The Newlyweds" later to be renamed in comic strip form "Life With Father".

1928- the Amos & Andy radio show debuted. NBC Blue Network, WMAQ in Chicago.

1931- Nevada legalized gambling.

1953- First T.V. broadcast of the Oscar ceremony. That utterly memorable circus film
"The Greatest Show on Earth" won top honors. Ironically it was Cecil B. DeMille’s only oscar of his career. Before t.v. the Oscars ceremony included a dinner and an hour of dancing before the awards were presented.

1954- Singer Sammy Davis Jr. lost an eye in an auto accident in the California desert. He was left lying bleeding unattended in a hallway in Riverside County Hospital. This was because he was black and it was a segregated facility. Finally actor Jeff Chandler found him and forced the doctors to treat him. Friend Frank Sinatra urged Davis out of his depression and got him out on stage again. That first night at Ciro’s nightclub the entire Ratpack- Sinatra, Dean Martin and Peter Lawford each preformed on stage wearing a black eye patch similar to Davis’.

1957- Elvis Presley purchased an estate outside Memphis Tennessee called Graceland from Ruth Moore for $100,000.

1962- The first Pillsbury Doughboy comercial.

1964- IBM gives the greenlight to plans for the 360 series. The first compatible computers.

1974- The band Jefferson Airplane changed its name to Jefferson Starship.

1979- C-Span cable channel started broadcasting live from the floor of Congress. The first Congressman to speak on camera was Al Gore.

1982- Randy Rhoads, the lead guitarist for Ozzy Ozbourne died when he playfully flew his plane buzzing the bands travelling bus and smacked into a farmhouse.

1984- I’LL BE BACK- James Cameron began shooting the film the Terminator. He first considered casting O.J. Simpson for the cyborg killer before settling on Austrian weightlifter Arnold Swarzenegger.

1987- Reverend Jim Baker resigned as head of the PTL Ministries. The Televangelist had been accused of hanky-panky with secretary Jessica Hahn and defrauding his parishioners of millions to put air conditioning in his dog’s house and on a Christian Theme Park named Heritage USA. Evangelist turned comedian Sam Kinison joked:" Up in Heaven Jesus must be flipping through the New Testament saying "Hey, where did I say anything about a Water Slide?!"

1993- Monkey-cam debuted on the David Letterman Show.

2003- GULF WAR II- SHOCK & AWE- The United States and Britain invaded Saddam Husseins’ Iraq with overwhelming firepower. This was the United States first "preventative war" breaking fifty five years of discouraging other nations for resorting to unilateral military actions and the 200 year old American tradition of never firing first. Although Iraq had not bothered the US directly Washington and Downing St. declared they had solid evidence that Saddam had the ability to attack the west with nuclear weapons in 45 minutes. The George W. Bush White House encouraged the belief that Saddam had a tie to Osama Ben Laden’s 9-11 attack. All these claims turned out to be fictions. That summer the movie Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones came out. Wags called this war Gulf Wars Episode II Clone of the Attack.

2004- Brian Maxwell, the inventor of the Power Bar nutrition snack, died of a heart attack at age 51.

March 18th, 2007 Sunday
March 18th, 2007

Dear Gang, Sorry I've been incommmunicado, I have been working on soundtracks for a new TV show in Boston and New York City. I'll send reports soon.
Birthdays: Amerigo Vespucci, Nicholai Rimsky-Korsakov, Wilson Picket, Edgar Cayce, John Updike, Grover Cleveland, Edward Everett Horton, Vanessa Williams, F. W. DeKlerk, George Plimpton, Peter Graves, Irene Cara, Luc Besson, Queen Latifah is 36

1902- BIRTHDAY OF THE RECORDING INDUSTRY. The RCA Victrola company sends its engineers to Milan to record ten discs of the young tenor Enrico Caruso. He becomes a world celebrity and the phonograph moves from being a scientific curiosity to something every home had to have.

1910- Rosie O¹Neill invented the Kewpie Doll.

1924-The film "Thief of Baghdad" starring Douglas Fairbanks and designs by William Cameron Menzies premiered. It is considered the first great special-effects blockbuster.

1931- Schick, Inc. introduced the electric razor.

1942- Paramount¹s "The Lost Dream"-the first Little Audrey cartoon.

1965- Cosmonaut Sergei Leonov is the first human to walk in space.

1965-The Rolling Stones are fined 5 English pence for urinating on a wall in Stratford at ABC recording studio Romford.

1967- The Pirates of the Caribbean ride opened at Disneyland, designed by master animator Marc Davis. In recent years rampant political correctness has disturbed the pirates fun. One diorama that portrayed a lusty buccaneer chasing a wench around a table while she giggles was changed to show he was really only interested in her sandwich tray. YeahŠright.

1968- Mel Brooks first comedy film "The Producers" premiered with Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder and Dick Shawn. His screenplay beat out Kubrick¹s "2001" for Best Screenplay Oscar. "Springtime for Hitler and Germaneee." In the late 1990¹s Brooks reworked the screenplay into a hit Broadway musical.