11/21/14 Burbank, Ca. CTN X-PO
10/10/14 Miami International Animation Festival
08/28/14 Los Angeles Ira Flatow Science Friday on NPR
05/07/13 San Francisco, Ca Moving Innovation Booksigning
04/24/13 Los Angeles, Ca Moving Innovation Booksigning
09/21/12 Glendale, Ca Chuck Jones 100th Birthday Celeb
09/21/12 Torrance, Cal. PowerCon
03/04/10 The Academy Animation Directors Forum
02/06/10 Annie A wards
05/23/09 Hollywood, Ca. The NCS Rueben Awards
05/21/09 La Canada, Ca. LITTLE MERMAID 20TH ANNIV panel
05/09/09 New York City, NY 20th Annual Dusty Awards
04/27/09 Beverly Hills, Ca. Milt Kahl Centennial
10/14/08 Animatu Festival
08/12/08 Los Angeles, Ca. FJIORG! II @ Siggraph 2008
07/24/08 San Diego, Ca Click & Clack's As the Wrench Turns at the San Diego Comicon
07/14/08 New York City, NY Summer Workshop @ the School of Visual Arts
06/19/08 Boston, Mass Click & Clack's As the Wrench Turns Premiere
06/14/08 West Los Angeles, Ca. ANIMACTION
06/01/08 Hollywood, Ca. Robert Nudelman Memorial
11/28/07 Burbank, Ca Animation Guild Holiday Party
11/27/07 New York City, NY Distinguished Alumni Lecture at the School of Visual Arts
08/06/07 San Diego, Ca Siggraph, Fjiorgg! Competition
07/28/07 San Diego, Ca. San Diego Comicon, lecture and talk
07/26/07 San Diego, Cal Hanna & Barbera Panel
04/19/07 Sherman Oaks, Ca. Author's Night, Van Eaton Gallery
02/25/07 Hollywood, Cal. The Oscars
02/14/07 NYC, NY Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
02/11/07 Glendale, ca The Annie Awards

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