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iron giant party
October 23rd, 2009

The Iron Giant 10th Reunion is tonight. Remember the event is at the STEVEN J. ROSS THEATER ON THE WARNER BROS LOT, not at Woodbury University.

For those coming, please be advised to get there early. Warner Bros security will be checking their list of invitees and ask for photo ID.. Drivers Licenses, Passports or Student Photo ID is okay. If you're name was not given in to ASIFA by now, WB security will not let you in. Nobody named "Such-and-Such's Guest" will get in.

You can take in cameras, so long as you do not take photographs inside the studio lot. You may take them at the event.

WB will be filming the event for a possible new DVD release,so remember to comb your hair and brush your teeth. you may be asked to sign a release, so don't make faces at the camera. As Eric Larson used to tell us, your scenes are forever.

Hope you all have fun.