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November 2, 2006 thurs
November 2nd, 2006


What is ASIFA?

a- An Israeli underground militia.

b- An international animators society founded by UN charter in 1961.

c-A coffee supplement.

d-A male potency enhancement pill.

Birthdays: Daniel Boone, Pres. James Knox Polk, Jean Chardin, Luchino Visconti, Giusseppi Sinopoli, Burt Lancaster,Pat Buchanan, Steve Ditko, Ray Walston, Stephanie Powers, k.d.lang, David Schwimmer

this is Dio de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. It derives from the Aztecs, who believed the life you are living now is a dream, when you die you awake to your real life.

1904- London newspaper The Daily Mirror first published.

1917- Britain passed the Balfour Declaration, calling for a national home for Jews in Palestine. Sit Arthur Balfour was the British Foreign Secretary under David Lloyd George. Britain once considered Uganda and Argentina for a Jewish homeland before settling on Palestine, then a sleepy border province of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. Balfour had the powerful former prime minister Robert Lord Salisbury as his uncle. No matter how his fortunes rose or waned his uncle ensured his career path was steady. This originated the English slang term for having good connections:” So Bobs’ yer uncle.”

1920- Radio station KDKA in Pittsburgh began the nation’s first broadcasting with news of election results.

1930- Ras Tafari crowned Halie Selassie Ist, Ethiopian Emperor. The Jamaican movement Rastafarians are named for him.

1932- Young star Katherine Hepburn first shines in the film A Bill of Divorcement, co- starring with John Barrymore.

1937- Laguardia Airport opened. New York City’s first municipal airport.

1947- Howard Hughes pilots his monster wooden airplane, the "Spruce Goose" for it's only test flight, one minute over Long Beach Harbor. Two hundred tons, Eight engines, a wingspan longer than a football field, it was conceived as an aid to win World War Two but was completed two years after it ended.

1950- Writer George Bernard Shaw died at 94. His last words were:" Oh well, it will be a new experience anyway."

What is Asifa?

Answer b.- In 1961 Several leading animators including John Hubley (USA) Dusan Vukotic'(Yugoslavia) Paul Grimault(France), John Halas(UK),Fyodor Khytruk(USSR), Norman McClaren(Canada)and Marcel Jankovic'(Hungary) were granted a charter by the United Nations agency UNESCO to form chapters of a non-profit society to propagate interest in animation and sharing information across Cold War Boundaries. Because in the UN French was the common language of Diplomacy, They called it l' Association Internationale du Film d'Animation or ASIFA. Today there are ASIFA chapters all across the world. ASIFA/Hollywood was formed in 1965 by Bill Littlejohn, June Foray,Prescot Wright and Bill Scott. The Annie Awards were begun in 1972.