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History Detectives Monday
August 29th, 2010

Our friend Martha Sigall will appear on the show "History Detectives"
Monday evening, August 30th, on your local PBS station. I believe the episode involves ink & paint artists from Hollywood Studios in the 1940s. They called me when trying to find relatives of Charlotte Darling, a Warners ink & paint artist and one time secretary of the CSU Animation Guild. I sent them to speak to Martha.

Martha Sigall was an ink & paint artist at Leon Schlesingers 1936-1943, then to MGM until they closed the animation unit in 1957. She was also there at the founding of Hanna & Barbera.

She and her husband Saul are still going strong today in their 90s. Martha has been a great resource to all of us who like to write about Golden Age Hollywood animation.


That's Martha on the right at the front door of Leon Schelsinger's Looney Tunes Studio in 1941