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I gotta note from Mark Kausler this morning, who asked after reading my last blog if Bill Littlejohn was okay. I had listed him among the animation illustrium now gone hence. I reassured him, fear not, old Pres. Littlejohn is alive and well. Antran Manoogian the ASIFA President talked to him the other day and I talked to him today. Although well over ninety and on a walker, his voice was clear and his mind sharp. He said he was dissappointed animated features didn't get five Oscar nominees this year because the disqualification of Arthur and the Invisibles. The Academy rules stated that a film has to have over 70% of the main character be animation to qualify.

Another friend I spoke to joked about the big live action directors like Zemeckis, Besson and Cameron who want to be animators. We agreed that if they want to make animation so bad, they should make our same salary! That will cure them of the notion.