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Bastille Day, July 14th
July 14th, 2006

History for 7/14/2006
Birthdays: Issac Bashevis Singer, Mr. Maytag, inventor of the electronic washing
machine-1857,Woody Guthrie, Gerald Ford, Ingmar Bergman is 87, Scott Rudin, Harry Dean Stanton, Polly Bergen, Gustav Klimt, Terry Thomas who did a voice in Disneys Robin Hood, Jimmy Hoffa, Dave Fleischer, Bill Hanna, Walt Stanchfield-Disney assistant animator who became the life drawing intructor in the studio in the 1990s, Joel Silver-The Producer of the Matrix and Die Hard Movies, he also produced Animatrix and was the voice of the Police Sargeant in Osmosis Jones 2001. In the film Who Framed Roger Rabbitt? 1988, Joel Silver played Raoul J. Raoul, the cartoon director at the begining of the film.

1850 - 1st public demonstration of ice made by refrigeration

1908- The Adventures of Dollie premiered, the first movie of D.W. Griffith.

1933- "Well Blow Me Down"- Max Fleischer's first "Popeye the Sailor"
cartoon debuted. Vaudvillian Red Pepper Sam provided his salty mumbles throughout
the post-sync track. When Sam asked for more money than Max Fleischer thought he
was worth, Max replaced him with assistant animator Jack Mercer, who was the voice
ever after.By 1935 Popeye was rated more popular than Mickey Mouse.

1951 - 1st color telecast of a sporting event (CBS-horse race)

1980- The National Republican Party Presidential Convention nominated former California
Governor, actor and SAG president Ronald Reagan. The GOP under Robert Strauss &
Lee Atwater completed restructuring itself after the disaster of Watergate by creating
a new-conservative alliance of Sunbelt rightwingers, Christian groups and Southern
Dixiecrats. Old Republican stalwarts who disagreed with the ultra conservative
agenda- Nelson Rockefeller, Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon and Lowell Weicker were
out in the cold. Weiker was defeated when the Republicans supported the Democrat just because he was conservative- Joe Leiberman. At 69 Reagan was the oldest man to ever run for the presidency.
He said of the convention:" It's the first time in a long while I saw myself
on television in prime time."
When the former Warner contract actor first ran
for public office in the 1960's someone asked mogul Jack Warner "what do you
think of Ronald Reagan for President?" Warner replied:" Nah, Jimmy Stuart
for President. Ronald Reagan for his best friend!"