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I was very pleased today to get the first copies of the Japanese Edition of my book Drawing the Line. In Japanese the title is Mickey Mouse Strike! One Hundred Years History of Labor Movement in the American Animated Cartoon. (or Mikki Mausu no Sutoraiki: Amerika Anime Rodo Undo Hyaku-nen Shi)

My friend Kaoru Kumi wrote me:

SATO Tadao, the grand old man in the movie critic and study in Japan, agreed
to give his comment to the book jacket; "This is a history book on the
American labor union movement written by an animator from Disney Studio,
with lively descriptions of labor battles full of spirits as movie artisans
and cartoon creators, or a brilliantly stimulating animated cartoon and
another Hollywood history."

Thank you to Godo Shuppan Publishing, Sawara Yamabayashi and my translator Kaoru Kumi.