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March 26, 2007 Mon
March 26th, 2007

QUIZ: What do actors Jack Nicholson, Beverly DiAngelo and Roger Moore all have in common? Answer below.

B-Days: Harald von Braunhut 1926- the inventor of Sea Monkeys, Robert Frost, Chico Marx, Conde Nast, Tennessee Williams, Alfred Houseman, Joseph Cambell, Erica Jong, Bob Elliot of Bob & Ray, Duncan Hines, Bob Woodward, Leonard Nimoy is 76, Alan Arkin, James Caan is 68, Diana Ross, Martin Short, Catherine Keener, Keira Knightley is 22

1199- English King Richard Lionheart died of blood poisoning from an arrow scratch. He was 42. Since he shunned the company of women and never made a son, his brother evil Prince John became king. After returning from the Crusade and getting ransomed from prison in Austria Richard embarked on a campaign of regaining lands in central France he lost to the French while he was away. He received his fatal wound while attacking a small castle named Chalus in Limousin.

1811- Poet Percy Shelley thrown out of Oxford College for writing a pamphlet that argued God didn’t exist.

1827- Ludwig van Beethoven dies at 56. Six people visited him while he was sick, 20,000 attended his funeral in Vienna. Romantic legend says he died at the violent peak of a thunderstorm raising his fists skyward in a last act of defiance to God and the elements, but in actual fact he died peacefully in his sleep. He lived in an abandoned monastery given him as public housing by the Austrian government along with a small pension. He constantly complained about his poverty so that the Philharmonic Society of London sent him 1,500 gold English pounds from a benefit concert. After his death they found around 20,000 gold pieces hidden in cupboards and pots. He despised Kings and aristocrats as parasites but when a government heraldic agency challenged his right to have an aristocratic "Van" before his name he sued them in court.

1832- Artist George Catlin began his first trip to the West. He departed up the Missouri River on the American Fur Trading steamer the Yellowstone. Catlin’s paintings of Plains Indians became famous.

1900- The Happy Hooligan comic strip.

1909- The U.S. Board of Censorship created.

1920- This Side of Paradise, the first novel published by a young Minnesota writer named F. Scott Fitzgerald. F. Scott Fitzgerald was a descendant of Francis Scott Key, writer of the Star Spangled Banner.

1937- A statue of Popeye the Sailor unveiled at the Crystal City Texas Spinach Festival.

1943- Just outside of Chicago gangster Frank "The Enforcer" Nitti took a walk down a railroad track, took a swig of bourbon, put a 32mm pistol to his head and pulled the trigger. He first waved to get the attention of some track workers so they could witness that he was taking his own life and was not the victim of another gangster. The successor to Al Capone was going to be indicted the next day on Federal charges of racketeering and he knew they had enough to put him away for a long time. The one who put Frank in this predicament was not Elliot Ness but Willie Bioff, the Hollywood gangster who tried to hijack the Disney animators Strike. Willie was doing time in Alcatraz for racketeering and flipped to get out early.

1959- Writer Dashell Hammett died.

1975 - The Who’s rock opera "Tommy" premiered in London

1977 - Elvis Costello releases his 1st record "Less Than Zero"

1982 - Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder release "Ebony & Ivory" in the UK

1997- Turner Animation's film 'Cat's Don't Dance" featuring the last film work of Gene Kelly. He was consulted on the dance sequences.

2228 - According to Star Fleet records- James T Kirk, captain of Federation Star Ship Enterprise (Star Trek) was born.
QUIZ: What do actors Jack Nicholson, Beverly DiAngelo and Roger Moore all have in common?
ANSWER: They all once worked in an animation studio- Ms DiAngelo was a painter, Moore an assistant and Jackie a PA.