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May 11, 2007 Friday
May 11th, 2007

I attended the Cal Art's Producers Show last night. Lots of great films and clever ideas. The show opened with a hilarious sendup of Motion Capture featuring cameos by well known Disney animators. Students walking around the campus in black leotards with ping-pong balls taped all over their bodies. I hope someone puts it up on You-Tube or somewhere.

I had a favorite film because of a close personal connection. Nicholas Butera did a film tribute to He-Man and She-Ra cartoons. He did a remarkable job of recreating our stock poses, tracing poses from the model sheet, Irv Kaplan's background paintings and he even did our scene Wipes! Very funny stuff.

Congratulations to all the graduates at Cal Arts, as well as my charges at USC and UCLA and all the Class of 2007! Welcome to ToonTown!

Birthdays: Salvador Dali', Irving Berlin, King Oliver, Denver Pyle, Henry Morgenthau, Doug McClure, Randy Quaid, Natasha Richardson, Chang and Eng Bunker the original Siamese Twins-1811

1945-After the Nazi Germany surrendered the Nazi governor of occupied Norway, Josef Treboven, committed suicide by sitting on a stick of dynamite. When Wile E, Coyote does that it's funny, but Norwegian Nazis? It's kinda gross and messy.

1956 - Pinky Lee Show last airs on NBC-TV

1968 - actor Richard Harris attempted a singing career, releasing the song "MacArthur Park".

1972 -On the Dick Cavett talk show Beatle and peace activist John Lennon said his phone had been tapped by FBI. It turns out it was, but at the time we all thought he was just paranoid from too many drugs.

1981- The musical play CATS opened in London.

1981- Bob Marley died of brain cancer at age 36. Jamaican Marley and his group the Whalers made the Reggae sound mainstream in pop music around the world. Ja –Mahn!

1992 - Carlos Herrera, chef, bartender and inventor of the Margarita, died at age 90. The Margherita was supposedly named for Hollywood actress Margaret Sullivan. She wanted to drink tequila and lime with her friends but couldn’t tolerate the strong taste. Carlos Herrera mixed the tequila and lime juice into an iced cocktail and put the salt along the rim. He mixed a batch whenever he heard the actress was coming to Tijuana, writing on the bottle- For Little Margaret- Por Margherita.

1997- Deep Blue, a computer developed at IBM, defeated top world chess champion Gennady Kasparov.